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  1. The wait killed me already. Sept is almost over indeed. Hope the stable doesn't take as much to arrive.
  2. ETA is currently about a month from now. There is a sticky thread with the details. As for nonsense, maybe my comment wasn't as coherent as it should be, but english is not my main language. Up till now your only issue has been no support. But if you contact support because you aren't getting support then you won't get any. Most if not all problems and bugs you will ever encounter are always on the phone's software, not the actual app. So there you go. I answered most of your bickering. If you still have problems, do a factory reset. If it persists after that, then send your phone to warranty, or flash a custom firmware.
  3. That's what I said....more people are required to support the project and provide support to the users! If you need support Ottoman, try emailing the dev, max. He always responds on time etc in there. Forums are for looking for eta, etc and that has been provided before. Please if you have any issues contact max. Stop babbling nonsense in this thread.
  4. Use a differe skin? Wait for 2.0 are your only 2 options I believe.
  5. I have to agree. I bought Poweramp *just* for 2.0 The developer max has however maintained us informed as of late. I do have to say yes, for the money he is making, he should get some development support so he can actually deliver to the consumer. According to cnet Poweramp has been surpassed by playerpro in all aspects since April. Max needs to step it up.
  6. Thanks for the attention on 2.0 progress, I'm quiet as I don't have time and resources for a forum currently, as Poweramp v2.0 development continues. ETA for beta is August. Some non-essential planned features are deferred (v2.x+ releases) to make Poweramp v2.0 release a reality. Additional skins and skin SDK will take additional time, full market release will be when these are done. Also, will the beta be a non market release? Where will we be able to get it? Im psyched you finally responded. Hopefully your priority is Poweramp, and not other projects as I've seen some app developers do as of late.
  7. Awesome! Thanks man. Edit: Actually my system seems to have the same problem with some mp3's too. Wrong display on Library, correct on Poweramp. Oh well, i will wait for 2.0
  8. Rough estimate is right above your post my friend. August. So in less that 3 weeks. I really want this new update but thats because my android library sucks and cant read m4a correctly... damned samsung roms... Anyways, hopefully it will be out in a week or something
  9. Beta? :/ Oh well, whatever ensures a quality release. Still, I thought Id had the stable release by now. Well, now im getting impatient. I need a new hobbie.
  10. Id say you're checking on folders, instead of using the actual library. Its very annoying, but thankfully in 2.0 this will be fixed, by merging the two, effectively eliminating this problem.
  11. Currently when back button is pressed while player is on screen it exits the player. What it should do is go back to the cd, and then to the library. It is quite counter productive to have the home button and back button do the exact same thing. So hopefully this was already planned for 2.0, if not, please look into it. It would make navigation much much better. -Nestor
  12. Currently when I'm on the player pressing back exits the player, and that's kind of counter productive. It would be much better to make back take you to the album, and then the library or something, not exit the app. Right now the back button is the same as the home button because power amp does not close when exited unless not playing. Hopefully this was already planned for 2.0, if not it would be a great implementation. Thanks.
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