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  1. This reply reflects arrogance! This is a deal breaker, can we have it, please! Let me explain. As you said, I bought Poweramp for it's features, which I liked. Over last couple of months I spent hundreds of hours organizing my 30GB music into playlists and rating my entire collection. Lately, I realized that there is no way I can now back up this effort or sync it with my PC. That was really hard to digest. Then yesterday, my Galaxy Note phone received Android 4.1.2 upgrade and my entire Poweramp library became empty. All apps managed to restore their data from either local storage or cloud, but not Poweramp. It simply killed my hours and hours of effort. This is not even a new feature request, I would rate it as a critical bug. Good UI is one thing, but unless this backup is available I can no longer use or recommend Poweramp any more to anyone! It's been a long time since people are asking for it. I will also wait for few days for a timeline from Poweramp team, else this gets a 1 star rating from me and my circle of friends and your force us also to move to the next option. Looking at the thread above, don't think you care anyway...
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