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  1. It is disappointing for purchasers that the Poweramp developers did not listen and did not implement the requested DLNA/UPnP support for years. Poweramp used to be my favorite music player, but now my big music collection is stored on my NAS (Synology). I switched to BubbleUPnP which can stream music from my NAS to my Smartphone and my Tablet perfectly. Bye bye Poweramp.
  2. jolux

    SMB support

    Yes, please! This would enable me to play Music directly from my WiFi Harddisk via SMB (Intenso Memory 2 Move, which supports SMB, but not DLNA or UPNP). Please add SMB support! Other Media Players like XenoAmp or Neutron Music Player already have this. Even ES MediaPlayer (part of ES File Explorer) supports music streaming via SMB.
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