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  1. Hi there, it seems to me, that right now power amp re-scans folders only on event of being unplugged from the PC ( or maybe SD card mounted ). However it doesn't re-scan on actual change in the folder. Example: I download podcast via wireless with podcatcher and save the mp3 file into folder that is supposed to be scanned by power-amp. The file doesn't appear added until I mount the phone to PC and back. Could it be possible to add some command to menu/settings which would allow to re-scan folders?
  2. Hi, thanks for a great player. As soon as I heard EQ working, I didn't hesitate to shop for it. This app seems promising. I have two suggestions: 1) Playlist management is pretty poor at this stage. Although I don't really use created playlists that much , I really miss Now Playing playlist, which is dynamically created on the go and holds tracks queued for listening. Also, currently the playlists are way too hidden, and I couldn't figure out how to change order of songs in a given playlist ... probably it is not possible. 2) I miss button which would take me directly to the "root" folders menu, where I can pick folder to play. Right now this is possible only on two clicks, I think choosing different album deserves dedicated button. Thanks for great work
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