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  1. Would very much like one for the 2x2 widget please. :-) Still my music player on my phone for years now. Thanks!
  2. I think there may be some internal things happening with lyrics and Poweramp but I'm just tossing this site and mobile app into the mix. http://lyrics.wikia.com/Lyrics_Wiki Been using their android app and it's pretty good. would love to see Poweramp incorporate this.
  3. /settings /audio engine /advanced tweaks /uncheck direct volume control If this doesn't have a check then my bad.
  4. This is why I hope we can get a Settings Backup integrated into the PowerMP settings structure. I am sure there is already a way to save all of it but something basic and selectable is a great user friendly option.
  5. WTB track counter not displaying on the widgets when it isn't selected for diplay on the player. Would also like to buy widgets with scrolling text and track progress bar! GoGo PowerMP!
  6. You could maybe look at using a different rom. CM7 has all this and more when set up properly.
  7. I would like to make a request or two that I know many others would enjoy. The ability to turn off the track counter on the various widgets. Text scrolling for the widgets. Track progress bar for widgets. Danke!
  8. Exactly! You managed to type exactly what I was trying to report as a bug before when asking if volume levels had been tweaked in the new Poweramp. I have just tried turning off the Direct Volume Control as the poster above has suggested and now when the volume goes from the "l" to the "u" in "Media Volume" there is no longer that jump in volume from almost being just right to "Holy Cow that's LOUD" lol.
  9. Hello Max, First let me say thanks for your work. I have a feature request to shoot your way please. Currently when under Library/Albums they are shown in order of artist in alphabetical order from top to bottom. Would it be possible for the ability to also display by album release date or "By Year" as well? Keeping the list structured by artist but also displaying them in order of year too. Thanks Max, Hope your day is going well!
  10. edit: Wrong thread for requests. Re-posted in feature request thread. My bad.
  11. did you click "Prefer In-Folder Images" under Settings/Album Art?
  12. using the media volume rocker or the PA volume knob. getting this also with everything dsp wise turned off in PA as well.
  13. howdy. have the volume settings been changed? having a hard time finding the same sweet spot in volume. goes from just a little low to blasting in one volume level. using an atrix no android dsp on, Poweramp limiter on, eq on, tone on, replay gain set to "apply gain" and source set to "track". all tracks using embedded replay gain set with foobar2000. ps. i want to second the suggestion on track count as a toggle for the widgets, i'd also like to suggest scrolling text if possible as well as a track progress bar. the new bar you have would work great. especially as slim as you have made it! an
  14. i'm at a loss for words. this beta3 is just cake baked in pie. THANK YOU!
  15. not sure... in the released version on the market this isn't an issue with the art under library/albums view. what i am doing is on the album "broken" by nin, i also include at the end of the album select songs from the album "fixed" on those tracks from "fixed" i have the album art for that album embedded while in the folder the album is in i have the albumart.jpg for "broken". so when i look at it through library/albums unfortunately the album art for "broken" is shown in the list of albums as "fixed". i also have the "broken" albumart embedded for each song of the actual album "broken" just
  16. small cosmetic bug with widgets. with background set to transparent the border of the widget is still visible. also widgets no longer have "centered" text. everything is now left aligned. album art is still a little wonky when displayed under "library" view. currently it's picking the last songs embedded artwork instead of the albumart.jpg i have placed in each album's folder. the reason the embedded is different is for mix/compilation albums. i use a generic album cover for the entire album but for each track i embed the art for the album the song comes from. i figure this may be an issue wit
  17. need to get this "pinned" cat-daddy! looking forward to see what you have cooking for what i believe is by far the best feature rich player available. thanks for your work as always max!
  18. awesome indeed. on a side note and for your bottom line i personally think from now on when you do a significant update like this that maybe you should release it as a stand alone app. i have received WAY WAY more out of Poweramp then my initial $5!
  19. small albumart bug. seems that Poweramp is using the last tracks embedded art to display in the albums list instead of the albumart.jpg that i place in each albums folder.
  20. VERY HAPPY to see this and makes waiting for 2.0 that much harder. :twisted:
  21. will .m4a be included with .mp4? also does this mean that replay gain will not be supported for .wma?
  22. New EQ and replay gain support!!! Buying new Thinksound Rains and Comply T-200 tips to celebrate lol! :twisted:
  23. Currently i use the 4 x 2 with clock lock screen widget and like it very much. Only reason i ask about a 4 x 3 is an easier to read and interface with size. That is of course if 4 x 3 is even a supported widget size. :ugeek: edit: with a track progress bar. :twisted:
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