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  1. I can confirm that disabling everything under "Settings -> Misc -> Android Auto" in Poweramp makes song info display correctly again in my non-Android Auto equipped car.
  2. Information for the currently-playing song recently started displaying incorrectly on my car's head unit when playing audio over bluetooth. Here is a picture demonstrating the problem: https://photos.app.goo.gl/K2vswkbRQEadrruBA As you can see, the "artist" line is now displaying both the artist's name and the album name separated by a '-'. The "song name" line displays correctly. Then, the "album name" line is displaying the song's duration and the file type separated by a '|'. This just started happening within the last week or so (I have Poweramp set to automatically update). Previously, all of the currently playing song information displayed correctly on my car's head unit. So, for example, the song in the picture previously displayed as: Nirvana Love Buzz Bleach I'm running a Pixel 3 with the stock Android 9 rom. Poweramp version is "v3-build-820-play (Full Version)". I have made no firmware updates or settings changes to my car's head unit.
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