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  1. Ok, I found that the update disabled the Settings, Extensions, Smart Settings for headphones. I was set to Poweramp, but not enabled. Working now. Dont know how to rebove the bug tag, but it's not warranted.
  2. When I plug in my aux/headphones, the app wont start automatically. I have the Headset/Bluetooth setting "Resume on Wired Headset" set on. What am I missing? Phone is an LGv20, Android 8, if that matters. Any help will be appreciated
  3. Change happens with all software, just need to adapt to it and re-find your way around. The main reason I've been a PA users for years and years is that my usage as my auto music source. Each year, I download the South By Southwest (SXSW) torrent which is 800-1200 songs of every genre you can think of. I shuffle play them when I drive and delete the ones I dont like. So I'm happy that delete is a bit easier to find without looking at the screen. If traffic is bad I used ratings to 'save' the ones I'll delete later, and 5 starred the ones I like. Aside from that, all the visual effects and album art are wasted on me, I dont look at them. I want to easily find songs, add them to queue. Scrolling for days through lists is dumb, I want fast and efficient, not pretty. Thats the beauty of a configurable app.
  4. Thank you for the location of the setting, but more worrysome is that all my previous stars have been cleared. What happened to them?
  5. Just realized that all my ratings disappeared when 814 loaded. Hundreds and hundreds out of 13000+ songs. Am I totally SOL? Any way to revert or recover them?
  6. Thank you for the reply. I have reformatted the card now on both the device and on a pc. have reinstalled the app twice too. my battery meter shows com.maxmpz.audioplayer... is pulling 70% and in Settings/Folders and Library the scanning library circle has been spinning for 4 hours now. When I dismount the sd card, it scans very fast, cuz there is nothing in the device music folder. Thought - I have some flac files in the folder. does that cause a problem for the scanner? It's like it cant even finish 1 scan. (edit for spelling)
  7. I've read several posts about folder scanning issues and before I complain about it being stuck, I'm wondering how patient I should be. I have a stock Samsung Galaxy S Relay, ICS 4.0, dual core whatever, and a SanDisk 32GB class 10 card. I reformatted the card last night and it took around an hour or more. Copied 21GB of songs took 45 minutes to offboard it and 1.2 hours to onboard them back. So based on this, should the scan take hours, days or minutes? Oh and PA version is 2.0.8 b 525
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