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  1. Impressions of 2.0: GOOD: Much less cluttered "home" view - less chance of hitting the wrong button when trying to do something (e.g. hit shuffle instead of advance) GOOD: Persistent shuffle session - that was the most frustrating thing about the previous version IMHO GOOD: Sound appears to be much crisper Not-so-good: the progress bar is way too thin (in the default skin anyway) so can't drag back to point 0:00 in a track (with my biggish fingers anyway) BUG: on upgrade my Folder playlists from the previous version were emptied (note, NOT deleted, but emptied). All folders were registered with PA in the previous version and stayed registered in this version. BUG: seems every track has at least one hiccup in playback now (Samsung Galaxy S, Gingerbread) - playback was as close to flawless as possible in the previous version. General impression - pretty good - looking forward top minor issue fixes.
  2. Oooooh - well seems "Audio Speed Changer" can do speed control and A-B loops - but it would still be great to integrate that functionality in Poweramp. And, frankly, of the three, pitch changing is the more important - because with the other two I'd normally be working on a single piece for a while so Audio Speed Changer is a good solution, but for play-along playlists pitch changing would be the bee's knees!
  3. Well there ya go, I'm not alone. Yes, pitch control, playback speed control and A-B loops are exactly what I'm talking about so one more vote for each. Thx for the response
  4. OK, I'm a musician, and Poweramp is REALLY the best out there for plugging into my practice amp and playing along. But, AS a musician, there are certain features I'd LOVE to see in a music player that I cannot find anywhere: here are the big three: The ability to slow down a piece of music without changing its key so I can learn a passage at a slow speed and then gradually move it back to its real tempo The ability to tweak the "key" of a piece of music without changing its speed so that it's in the same key as my instrument - how many times have a I queued up four or five MP3s, perfectly tuned my bass, and then found that none of them are exactly tuned, neither with my bass nor with each other! The ability to loop a section of a piece of music to play along till its perfect. The ability to have any mix of these three facilities active at any one time. Sooooo... what are the chances, and how do we go about this? Martin Bartlett
  5. Ah - that would explain it. But you should make that very very clear in your app info - it would have affected my decision to buy because what I was looking needed to be able to share playlists.
  6. SGS 2.2.1 Latest purchased Poweramp This may be me being stupid or a bug or a mix. In one parent folder on my external card (Music) I have about a thousand songs. These are scanned by the system, so the system library sees them all. I created a playlist with 850 of the songs in it in the system library using the standard music app. Poweramp does NOT show this playlist in ITS playlist view from the "Libary" view. I created a different playlist in the system library using the Poweramp "Libary" view. (note NOT a folder playlist - I selected songs from the library categories, not the folder view). The standard Music app does NOT see this playlist and every time the system does a media scan (e.g. on disconnect of the USB cable after file transfer), this playlist turns up empty in Poweramp. One thing I may have wrong - that folder is also set as (the sole) scan folder for Poweramp. This is a bit frustrating to say the least.
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