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  1. Hi, maxmpz, can you please answer my query? much appreciated. Kerry.
  2. Hi, Just to clarify, I've double checked the Market and I have purchased/downloaded the Unlocker "Poweramp full version Unlocker" so my mistake :oops: The version of the unlocker that I have is 1.1-build-12. So is this compatible with Poweramp 1.4-build-369 ?? if not can you please update the Market with a version that is or provide a link to one that I can use? Please advise, Kerry.
  3. ** please disregard this post ** Hi, Thanks for the reply but as I stated above "- I did not download any Unlocker, as there is no "unlocker" to download from the Market" There's no unlocker that I can download from market (that I can see) so what can I do now?? Thanks, Kerry.
  4. Hi, I've got license issues as well. Here's what my problem is: - Installed PowerAmpTrial from Market - A few days later I bought it from the Market (using my gmail account) - A week or so passes, and I update Poweramp from the Market (to ver. 1.4-build369 Time Limited Trial) - A few days later I now get a "Poweramp Trial expiration" pop-up, click the Market icon, Loads up the Poweramp market page which says that I've "Purchased" it - I did not download any Unlocker, as there is no "unlocker" to download from the Market Please advise as I tried what you said above but to know avail. Thanks, Kerry.
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