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    Oops, I meant to say ClearAudio+
  2. On the stock music player of my xperia z is an equalizer setting called RealAudio+. This setting improves the sound from my speakers significantly,but I can't find a way to implement it in Poweramp. I have tried to recreate it using Poweramp's equalizer, but it just won't get to that level of clarity in the mids Could this setting be implemented under the musicFX menu,or something like that? -Bas
  3. Yes I saw that already, but the problem is that I can't find that particular email any more. I checked all my addresses but I just can't find it. I already sent an email to Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com , but I haven't received a reply yet.
  4. Hey I bought Poweramp from this site on my previous phone, I wonder if I could download the unlocker for free for my new phone as I purchased it already? -Bas
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