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  1. hi is balance control features going to be added in the v2.0 summer updates 2011? thanks
  2. any update on the balance control? thx
  3. This is a bug that will randomly occur after a period of use, after 15 songs (or if you press nxt track 16 times in a row) it will say "too many failed files" and refuse to play anymore, exit then restart temp solves this for another 15 songs. The proper fix is below. 1) Exit Poweramp 2) Go to application manager, clear app data for "Media Storage" (and Media Sync, if your phone is runing this, but my phone just had Media Storage) 3) Go to application manager, clear app data for Power Amp 4) Run Poweramp, find and rescan your folders for your music 5) WIN!
  4. I am 25% deafer in one ear than the other and I have registered on this website just to tell you that you should add the function to be able to control the LR channel balance. Surely it can't be difficult, even my old Nokia running ancient Symbian had that feature.. So please, please add balance control to the program!
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