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  1. Great, I'll give it a try. Any ideas on the time display thing?
  2. Hey there. I've been trying the trial and I think this is the best player. I bought the full version despite the fact that I have two problems with my car's stereo (probably not Poweramp's fault), both concerning bluetooth: 1) I had to enable Send Matachanged intent and Send album - artist with metachanged title in order for the stereo to display tags instead of "BT AUDIO". The only thing that's not working on any player is the time display. Is there any way to also send the time display in a modified way to the stereo? 2) Whenever my engine stops (i.e.: when the car goes too low on revolutions), and I restart it, the bluetooth connection seems to be "frozen". I can see the player still being open in my phone, and reconnecting BT to the stereo doesn't allow the player to reproduce the music. The only solution seems to be having to restart the phone. Is there any workaround for this? Perhaps this one is indeed a bug.
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