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  1. Ok great, so then if I can hack the prepopulated music database with the file location as being on https://my.site/file.mp3 instead of /sdcard/path/to/1.mp3 then I can get what I want. Where is this music database located? /data/data/app/ I presume?
  2. Hello, first post here. I'm a longtime user of Poweramp ever since Android 2.3 and Galaxy S II. I am wondering about Poweramp's ability to extract IDv3 tag (or equivalent) from web hosted mp3s. With the direction that modern phones are taking to remove external SD card slots, I'm looking at hosting my music database on a server so that songs are accessible from links such as https://my.site.com/folder/song%201.mp3 So far I've created an .m3u playlist on my server which contained the links to all the songs in all the artist/album folders hosted on the server; I then take the playlist.m3u and put it on my phone in a folder, then tell Poweramp to scan that folder to pick up the playlist. That works fine in terms of accessing the songs and playing them. The problem is that songs don't show artist, album and title tags when accessed in this way, only the full path to the file that includes html %20 replacements for spaces etc, which renders the search tool useless. A workaround was to parse each file with the exiftool and extract the artist and title, then add it to my playlist for each file as "#EXTINF:-1,$artist - $title" above each file link, but that is only a partial workaround as it still doesn't contain album information or any other information about the track. So now that I've painted a picture of what I've done and what I'm trying to achieve, my question is this: Can Poweramp extract IDv3 tag data directly from a file hosted on a server? If yes, how and where do I enable that feature? And if not, what would be my options to attempt to emulate complete tag data for mp3s stored on a server? Thanks for reading this far.
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