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  1. Hi, its been a few days , just got time to mess with the transfer of these files... so... found 2 albums that did not add to library. i added one file at a time from the first album and surprise they all turned up in the library, they were copied not moved. (not play tested as yet) then went to second album (12 tracks) , added first 6 , no problem in the library, added second 6 one track missing! track 7. (could this be the culprit?) so added 8-12 no problem there then, so just for the hell of it tried to add track 6 again, it added to the library! So no definitive answer, at best maybe corrupt data on sd card. any thoughts? Thanks again all x
  2. UPDATE... i began adding my music back to the library , essentially there are three main folders. First folder added perfectly , second perfectly ! then added the third , scanned then did not add any music to the library, so i added each subfolder one at a time that all went well. All of these folders are artists names so in each of the artists folders there are albums. i then went through these methodically until i eventually reached 2 albums that could not be added, flat refused. they have been in the music library at one point but now these 2 folders were causing the app to stall on the second scan. Im unsure as to what has caused this, but Andre was correct At this moment i have 1787 files in the library and all is well. I shall remove these offending folders from the sd card as soon as... i will report back in a few days to update but everything seems sweet. Thankyou for the help, enjoy the weekend ahead..
  3. Hello again , so this morning , i did as was kindly advised and i created a new music folder on the Sd card. I put a folder in it containing around 90 or so files, i then created another 9 identical folders. Poweramp scanned it and hey presto, all files added to the library around 900. Im guessing this means that one file or possibly a folder with flac files is cancelling the adding proccess for whatever reason as suggested by Andre
  4. Thats an interesting thought , will have a look later today. and get around to posting the log file also..
  5. Hi. I tried that created a new folder on the SD card. Then added each sub folder, then I removed any characters on the off chance . Then added a few at the time. I reached around 600 then it would not add any more to the library. Other thing I have noticed is in settings/permissions file type audio etc there is no entry for Poweramp, but I say that an alternative music player is listed in the list, I just wondered?? Many thanks.
  6. I just tried again fresh install of the app ,, slowly adding each folder a few at a time , got to 600 again, refused to add any more. ive re installed it about 6 times dont think its gonna work , will try the samsung route, is their any permissions i might of over looked? again if its adding some folders it should add them all. hey ho! Im gutted as i use Poweramp everyday Thanks for prompt reply
  7. .... Also to add have been patient left Poweramp running when scanning in case it needs time..
  8. I have been using Poweramp for a week or so with just a few albums added to the library, no problems, then i decided to slowly add a few more it allowed me to add up to 611 then any that i added after that would only show in the "all songs" tab. I have tried several different ways to add and remove the music files but i have had no success , this is an ongoing problem that started some weeks ago. i have been using it for years with no problems, now its become a real chore to use. Im really confused as i cannot be the first person to have this kind of problem . I would also add i do not on a regular basis add or remove files from the library at one time i had thousands all stored on the sd card all playing perfectly. Its not a premissions thing , and the fact that 2 folders next to each other one adds to the library the other one doesnt makes no sense. As i said i attempted to add past 611 and it refused it scanned but never added them i have attached photos , hope they make sense , im pretty stumped now as to what else to do. Any way 1st pic no metadata read on flac file. 2 and 3 empty tabs for folder album and artist 4 managed to pic up playlist files but not music files atall 5 could manage to get luke slater added but not my ticking the upper level box 6 disaster added more the same way none showed in library 7 shows my files detected and added, and 8 it finds the 800+ files but will not add them to the 611 already in the library. Help!!! Regards Dixski
  9. Im having major problems with it now, very odd im going to post an in depth description later , needless to say its broken. At the very best now it will only allow me to add 600 music files, then it just refuses.
  10. Its been a while and i apologise for being away for a while, so ive recently had time to mess around a little with Poweramp , and this is the conclusion i have come to, after restructuring the sd card and re adding the files multiple times in different ways to try to access all the music files. It seems evident that due to the structure and depth of the folders and files on the sd card Poweramp is unable to read the metadata whether this is due to Android i am not sure. i just cant add the root folder to my library so i have to add each individual album folder. I could change the folder structure on the sd card but i like to keep it as it is the same as on my P.C, bit long winded, but hey ho... thanks again. Still the best player by a mile.
  11. Hi , i have learnt much from this post. The nomedia option is interesting. Its not something i have heard of ... many thanks Dixski
  12. Hi , when it was not in the library just the music symbol, now i have the correct info on each track. Still do not understand how it can see my whole library of music when only onw folder is selected. (im guessing legacy mode being enabled is helping Poweramp see my metadata) never used to have that enabled though.... Thanks Poco M5s Android 12
  13. So..... I removed the folders i was trying to add to the library , then added the base folder to the library , it scanned and added 1580 files to the library but once again no metadata had been read and no entries in the artist and album views only music appearing in the "all songs" entry . So exactly the same as before. then i turned legacy mode on ( i believe it is off by default) this made no difference at all. Then i removed the base folder from the library but ticked only one of the albums to be added to my library, which would of meant i now only had a single album in my library , but to my suprise they were now all available in my library. iv added screen shots to my post. Hoping this clarifies. Screen shot 1 is the last adjustment i made and to my mind that would mean only luke slater would be shared but all of the folders are now in my library (sorry if i repeat myself)
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