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  1. Using Poweramp (build number 967004-988edd05) full version (build number 307) on my Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G (Android version 13). I have about 1000 songs on my phone, some internal, some on an SD card. I can listen to 1 or more songs, then leave the program. When I return, which may be later that day, or the next, or maybe days or weeks later, the app does not pick up where I left off. It seems that it keeps running in the background. My reasoning - if you were to alphabetize my albums, then sort the songs in track # order, when I pull up the app again, the song playing is always a few songs or the next album (or two or three) down the list. I have tried pausing the current song before closing the app; I've tried simply closing the app; I've tried force-closing the app; I've tried clearing the cache; and I've tried every combination of all of these I can imagine. None of these steps makes a difference. Also, most of the time, even with the app closed, if my screen is locked and I press the button to pull up my pin pad to input my pin, there is a small Poweramp window showing me the current song, allowing me to press play if I wish even before unlocking the screen. How do I stop the app from apparently running in the background when I'm not using it? I like the app, but this is very frustrating! Thanks...
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