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  1. so for maximum quality, should I set them all the way down to 2048? The app says "larger block size increases frequency resolution" which sounds like the opposite of what you just said. also there is "block size" and "block size for hi res" what's the cutoff between the two? how do I choose settings?
  2. Does block size affect sound quality or should I just leave it on 4096? I have a samsung A50 with android 11 I did a full uninstall and re-install of PAEQ and Tidal and it seems to be ok now. I'll post again if the glitch comes back.
  3. background is on and optimization is off for both Tidal and PAEQ. Would black size have anything to do with it? What is block size? it's not explained anywhere what it is or what the settings mean. is the default 4096 ok, or should it be turned down? or up?
  4. not sure what power hungry modes are. block sizes are both set to 4096, but happens with 2048 too (is this the equivalent of the buffer sizing in regular Poweramp?). tidal is just streaming flac, not 24 bit masters. what about common android settings for this? I have allow background use and turned off battery optimize. is there anything else i'm missing?
  5. ok, good. CD quality is good enough for me. I'm streaming Tidal hifi and don't want to degrade the quality. However, when the app is minimized or screen is locked, the music starts to glitch and skip really bad. is there a known fix for this? allow background use is on, and optimize battery is off. any ideas?
  6. similar issue. using Poweramp equalizer 963 on samsung galaxy A50 with Tidal hifi. works ok if tidal or Poweramp are on screen, but if minimized or screen locked, the music starts to heavily glitch and skip. battery optimization is off, allow background activity is on (but gray).
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