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  1. Understand and agree. Still think it's a valid question to ask the developer. Should be a pretty easy answer I'd think.
  2. So I had thought that the Poweramp trial was a timed trial that would cease to work at all once the trial period ended. When I open Poweramp now, I'm presented with a message saying that the trial has expired and I can buy or cancel. If I cancel, Poweramp seems to fully work. So what exactly is this trial? Will this stop working after I've seen the nag screen for a few times/days or will future versions disable the program once the trial expires? Are you re-considering some sort of feature reduced version instead of all or nothing?
  3. And all you do is berate people who say anything negative about the app?
  4. Lol, I guess that's what you revert to when you have no further argument and know you were wrong. Ok, fine.
  5. Wow what? I use btunes. I'm not a heavy music listener and btunes suffices as would many other free audio players. Why would I spend $5 on this then when I could buy other apps that have more value to me? I'm sure many people feel the same. Sorry, I don't get your comment. Should I just buy every highly rated app in the market?
  6. Ok, that's too bad. So basically if we want to continue to use it, we'll have to buy it. I would have liked to seen a free ad supported or high end feature restricted version. No chance of that? I'll probably just delete this then. Probably not worth $5 to me.
  7. Just got the update to trial in the market and I see full version is now available. So what's the difference between the 2? Will the trial stop functioning at some point? Or are there features missing in the trial? If so what features?
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