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  1. hi, file shared with the gpmaxmpz@gmail.com gmail account - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vSp91CnFFYZBv_T0Zd9GeSv3iiSDEJxp/view?usp=sharing tried the command line ffmpeg and the file was created (but 0 bytes) many thanks simon
  2. more than likely i'm doing something wrong in audacity. it is in 1 x 12 hr file rather than chapters. i tried again to create a smaller sample using lossless - and that just wouldn't play. don't worry about it - i like the app, but if i just need to use vlc for the occasional poorly ripped audiobooks - it isn't a big deal. Regards Simon
  3. hi - thanks. i tried to cut a sample out of it using audacity, but even a 10 sec sample was 30Mb (and i'm not sure if it changed any settings) - can you recommend anything that can cut a sample out? strangely - VLC will play the file fine on the phone regards Simon
  4. Poweramp version - build 965 bundle play file - audiobook. file info: AAC HE-AACV2 44975 sec 44100Hz 16bit mono 65kbps gapless phone - Samsung S22 ultra the audiobook seems really fast and choppy (unusable) - but if i pick voice recorder on the phone - it plays back without issue.
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