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  1. I've experienced a similar issue with Poweramp over the past year. It appears that Wireless Android auto emulates a USB c connection which allows it to transmit the audio signals over Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth for better audio quality. Sometimes, this process sticks which causes the USB DAC disconnect signal to be sent every time you turn your screen off. Poweramp doesn't seem to pay attention to which connection is disconnected for the 'Pause on headset disconnect' so even if you're using Bluetooth and it sees a USB DAC disconnect it will pause the audio. If there was a way to program in some form of intent that basically says, 'if audio is going through Bluetooth, only pause when Bluetooth is disconnected' it could fix this issue. Hope the team looks into it, love this audio player but it's the only one that experiences this issue. For now, turning off 'pause on headset disconnect' has fixed the issue, but I have to manually pause music when I take my headset off or I'll get blasted by music out of my phone speaker.
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