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    Support for Android 1.6?

    Thanks for your reply maxmpz. I think it's SE's fault to be honest. I don't know what they did with the phone so that 1.6 works and 2.1 doesn't. Also it takes them sooo long to update the firmware.
  2. moonman

    Support for Android 1.6?

    Thank you for your reply Would it be possible to replace some libs on a rooted phone to make it work? What libraries does it depend on? In general, if there was a possibility to make it work, what would an end user have to do? I did purchase the power amp, however 2.1 was not stable on my phone. Now I cannot make it work at all and after talking to Sony Ericsson they confirmed I need to change the phone for 2.1 to work. The phone is out of warranty now. Anyway, if it is not possible at all I don't mind having 5 dollars donated for a great player!
  3. moonman

    Support for Android 1.6?

    Hi, Would it be possible to support Android 1.6? I have an xperia x10 phone with a hardware bug and I can not update to 2.1 unfortunately. Thank you
  4. moonman

    Time limited trial

    I have to disagree with previous poster. You spent 10 bucks on other apps... Whose problem is that? Nobody forced you to buy them... What a weirdo... Winamp for Android sucks compared to Poweramp. Try it. $5 is completely reasonable price for such a music player. This is THE best player for Android (and most likely other devices too) Way to go developer! :geek: