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  1. Of course ! but it would really make Poweramp the most powerful android music player available. I really hope max accepts the challenge, even if it is not for the next release !
  2. see this video But on this case you can export the filter as a wav file that Poweramp would then process in real time the music your playing. Just like on that video. You can clearly hear the diference with just pink noise. To really understand what I'm talking about http://www.alanjorda...signerHelp.html I really really think this would make Poweramp the most powerful music player on any mobile platform Thank you
  3. Like title says. Add convolution support. Since android phones are getting so much powerful these days ... I bet this would probably be the feature of the year for Poweramp! Just Imagin, you could create convolution filters for your car and have a calibrated sound when using Poweramp. God.. ifans and their " iphone music player is perfect" would really have to swallow their words.. Filters could be created with room eq wizard - http://www.hometheatershack.com/roomeq/ (free) or any other available comercial tools ( I personally use audiolense ) The resulting wav filter would be loaded on Power
  4. on bluetooth a2dp disconnect it still starts playing on the phone speaker. I have to go back to 1.4. please have a look
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