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  1. Carbon Backup does not require root. I hear very good things, but haven't tried it myself. The very first thing I do with any device I get is root and install Titanium Backup. Edit: Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a useful feature for Poweramp to provide, and an in-app solution could be much more effective. I just wanted to point out another solution to use in the meantime for anyone in need of a backup solution and unwilling to root their device.
  2. I appreciate your work, but please read my topic before replying. Sorting by artist is one thing, sorting by album artist is quite another. It seems that Poweramp determines an album by name only (hence multiple albums with the same name are counted as a single album) and they are sorted and labeled by the artist on the last track instead of using the Album Artist ID3 tag. I'd like the option to sort by Album Artist, not Artist. Or better yet, for the Album List to prioritize the Album Artist tag, when present, over the artist tag when using the current artist sorting option. Also, it wou
  3. Thanks for pointing me to the tweet JonBoy. I'm very happy to hear it's already in the works. Until then, I've gotten used to my workaround. One other (sort-of related) issue I've noticed though, is that albums with the same name (such as Greatest Hits, but there are other cases of multiple albums with the same name, eg. Eleventeen by Eve 6, and Eleventeen by Daisy Chainsaw) get lumped into the same album list in Poweramp. This behavior does not occur in the stock Samsung player on my Galaxy S3, so I think it's specific to the way Powergramo lists and/or sorts albums. I know I have seen th
  4. So I've tried out a bunch of other music players today, none even coming close to Poweramp's functionality or slick interface. Of the 15 or so I've tried, every one of them had the same problem (listing and sorting albums under the artist of either the first or last track instead of the using the album artist tag), so I'm wondering if this is a problem with the way Android handles the album artist tag, if it handles it at all. I did notice that in Poweramp, though I can edit tags, the album artist tag is not visible. So my feature request would be to include (if possible) the album artist t
  5. I have a large collection of music and I prefer to browse by album. In the List Options for the album list I can sort by Artist, which works fine for most albums, but compilations or albums with various artists seem to be listed under one (and only one) of the artists, rather than the Album Artist specified in the ID3 tag. I'm looking to purchase Poweramp (using the trial now) but this might be a deal breaker for me. All I want is the ability to browse my music by the album, just like I would a stack of physical cds. Is this likely to be implemented soon? Update: After checking several comp
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