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  1. I use MediaMonkey on my PC. I have it write the playlists using relative paths and Poweramp has no problem reading/playing them. I keep the playlists in /Music/playlists. Relative paths work perfectly on both internal and external storage. However, when I change a m3u playlist with Poweramp, it writes it back out using absolute paths. I would like it to save the changes using relative paths (optionally of course) so I don't have to keep editing them. I'm only talking about the m3u lists it finds in my folders, not the playlists that it keeps in its own internal database.
  2. First, I have to thank you for the great m3u support. I really like that I can copy the playlists from my PC and Poweramp reads and maintains them. I've been through quite a few apps and Poweramp is the only one I've found that will update them. Very helpful. The only difficulty I'm having is that when Poweramp saves them, it uses absolute path names. Unfortunately I can't just sync them back. I have to edit each one and replace the text "/storage/extSdCard/Music/" with "../" so they function properly on my PC. I have a lot of playlists. The request: Please add an option to use relative path n
  3. I've been wishing for this too. Sometimes the thingy that you can click isn't even visible (it disappears). I have to get it back, then I can touch it and drag it. Would love a list of letters. Much easier (unless I'm doing something wrong). Thanks
  4. It does support exFAT. I just bought a Sandisk 64gb micro SD for my samsung galaxy note II phone. The card came pre-formatted as exFAT. I put the card in my PC (Windows 7) and copied all my music to it. Then, I plugged the card into the phone and Poweramp found everything. No problems playing the music either. The problem you're having may be with your mobile phone/tablet.
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