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  1. OK I'm officially a muppet. I was fooled by the fault occuring so soon after I'd installed the Satellite App, the fault was nothing to do with the new App. The symptom I described also occurs when you move to the next song in a playlist, and the music file for that song is missing from the phone's storage. Once I spotted that, I restored the missing file and everything is back to normal! Paul
  2. I have a strange fault with Poweramp, which has only just started. Identical symptoms whether I try to play music on the phone standalone (phone speaker or headphones) or connected to car audio via bluetooth. In all cases I press the "play" button on the app screen to start the music, the play button changes to a pause button as if it is going to start playing, and then the button changes back again and no music plays. Phone is a Moto G8 power if that makes any difference. Music files live on an SD card. If I browse to the music folders and click on a random track, it launches the default player (not sure what it is, google or moto) and music plays fine. The fault started after I have bought and installed the Bullitt Satellite Messenger App for a Moto Defy satellite link. Stopping the Satellite Messenger app does not fix the problem. I need the Satellite Messenger app for safety when walking out of phone signal - and I need Poweramp to play my tunes when I'm driving to the Hills. I don't know for sure that the Bullitt app has messed up Poweramp, but it seems likely. I really don't want to uninstall the Bullitt app for testing, it was a right faff to get it working. The Bullitt app uses BT to connect the phone to the satellite link. Obviously Poweramp uses BT to connect the phone to the Car. However the fault in Poweramp happens even if the phone is not using BT. Any helpful hints would be really appreciated! Thanks Paul E
  3. Hi Andre & thanks for replying so quickly. Worked out how to install it and it does indeed fix the problem, many thanks! Paul
  4. Just to say I'm also having this problem. Moto G8 power phone connecting to 2 different cars / 2 different Toyota headunits, both via Bluetooth. It works OK for a while when I first get in the car, but at some point if I go "skip to next track" using the steering wheel buttons in the car, the track will change but the track name displayed on the headunit does not change. Then for the rest of the session in the car, the displayed track will stay one track behind the track which is actually playing. Happy to check out a test build. Thanks Paul
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