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  1. Greetings! I am testing alpha 703 without any issues, except that he volume control no longer works after the display is turned off or the phone sleeps. I must unlock the lock screen in order to change the volume. Disabling the direct volume control solves the issue, but it turns off the Hi-Res output as well. Hi-Res output works only if DVC been enabled. LG G Pro 2 (D838) / Original Android 4.44 (Kitkat) / Rooted Hi-Res output rocks! It is awesome even if the FLAC been played is actually just a 16-bit 44khz - jet even this "upscaling" mode provides a significantly better qualit
  2. Please add numerical values to the EQ bars for precise tweaking!
  3. This has been requested a few times before, it would be very usefull for podcasts and language learning! Please implement this simple, yet usefull feature into the next update : -)
  4. Thank you for the quick response, this feature might be very useful especially for language learning and podcasts.
  5. Please give this option to the playing modes (repeat off, repeat list, repeat song, advance list). My previous player had this "play once" option and I used it quite often.
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