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  1. +1 Do you know what is the maximum value in dB for the sliders? Or do you know the value for each step of the sliders? I'm trying to use the presets from the AutoEq project which aim to correct the frequency response of a given set of headphones starting from frequency response measurements. (https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) An amazing project by the way! Essentially I need to enter a specific value in dB for each slider using the 10 band presets by AutoEq.
  2. Me too! +1 What about something similar at the spectrum analyzer of the old version of MIUI player?
  3. I really like your mockup! I quote the idea of inserting a cover flow in Poweramp; it could eventually use the 3D cover-art animation already present in the "normal" view of the player...
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