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  1. The decoder will (I assumed) decode the originally compressed 16-bit MP3 source material to uncompressed 16-bit audio, then you can select if that should then be upscaled to 24-bit etc. I would have thought the results would be the same either way. But @maxmp could confirm that. Andre
  2. When you are playing music with a visualisation on, there is a little symbol top-right (next to the visualisation name) that cycles through the lock, shuffle, etc settings. Andre
  3. In Settings > Audio > Output, select the High-Res option and enable it for your chosen output device (e.g. Wired Headset/AUX). Then you can choose bitrate and frequencies (some devices only work with lock combinations, some you can change each value separately). Andre
  4. Are you listening using regular or high-res outout modes? Andre
  5. It is the adjustment control for the setting above, "Store/Restore Per Track Progress". If you have the above setting enabled, it means PA will remember the position that you had got to for longer tracks, so whenever you return to that track again PA will go back to wherever you left off listening. You probably only want this to happen on long tracks such as podcasts/audiobooks/etc though, hence the slider control to define what length of tracks PA should remember, versus shorter songs which you would want to start back at the beginning next time you decide to listen to it. Andre
  6. I seem to recall in v2 there was an option somewhere to allow for links which don't support full transfers on slower mobile browser connections, but I'm not 100% certain of that any more. Andre
  7. Hopefully Max could code around this problem now that it is known what Musicbee is doing. If you could upload one of your problem files for reference, I'm sure that would help. Andre
  8. If you add a whole album to the queue, the tracks should be added using the sorting order for the albums songs level. i.e. the order you see the songs listed if you view the contents of the album in the library drill-down. It does depend on which category mode you are viewing in when you do the Add to Queue though (e,g. Folders may have a different song sorting order set compared to Albums) Andre
  9. Try reducing the buffer sizes in the Settings . Audio > Output section, see if that helps. Andre
  10. The email address for support is poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com, they will be able to reset the limit for you. Do you often update or change your ROM, as each time you do that counts as a new installation of the app - even if it's on the same device. Andre
  11. Are the files scanning into Poweramp's Library but not showing any tag info at all (so all you see when you play them is the filename), or are they not showing up in the library at all? Have you tried a Full Rescan in Settings > Library ? If the same files consistently cause this issue, can you upload a couple of samples so they can be checked? Have you tried correcting the tags in a program like TagScanner or MP3tag to see if that fixes the problem? Andre
  12. Android versions make no difference when it comes to shuffle settings, that all happens within PA. But glad you've sorted it anyway. Andre
  13. As I said, how large (Mb) are the images? You will also kill the cache pretty quickly with that kind of excessive size, even if it does work. Andre
  14. That's the great thing about having Standards - there are so many to choose from. Andre
  15. High-res via 3.5mm jack on Samsung S10 works fine. However Samsung do limit the available output combinations. I think 96k/24bit and 192k/32bit are the generally usable selections. Try resetting output modes to defaults first, then try adjusting. Andre
  16. Not something I've experienced. You are saying that when there are queued items, instead of starting the queue after the currently playing song has finished, PA instead plays another song from the normal category first, and only then starts the queued content? Andre
  17. What does the shuffle icon in the main Player screen show? How are you starting playback? Andre
  18. What format are your files? 3000x3000 is excessively large, and might be hitting limits (e.g. 16Mb for FLAC files). Andre
  19. No, the trial is only time-limited, all features are exactly the same as the full licensed version. Andre
  20. I put my music into an overall Music folder, then folders for Artists, and Album folders under them. I don't create separate folders for multi-CD albums, but instead name the files as 1-01 Title, 1-02 Title, 1-03 Title, etc and then for CD two as 2-01 Title, 2-02 Title, 2-03 Title etc. Tags are ID3 format within MP3 files, and they contain all the info PA needs to sort and display the content (Track Title, Artist Name, Album Title, Track#, Disc#, etc). These should ideally be set up correctly before you even copy the files to your phone, as although you can edit them song-by-song in PA it would be a very laborious task. Andre
  21. Play is now reach via tapping on the album/artist/etc, not long-pressing. Folders is now much more logically simply one of the Library categories rather than an isolated entity of its own. Tap on the Library icon (lower-left) and select Folders or Folders Hierarchy (depending on your preference). Andre
  22. Development is all Max's doing, not mine. Andre
  23. I have no idea, nothing has changed in that version of PA for years, nor in your headunit I suspect. When you say "the app doesn't find art cover" do you mean it does not download artwork for new tracks from the internet, or it does not display embedded artwork from within music files. Both can be optionally disabled in PA's Settings Album Art section, so it might be worth checking there. Andre
  24. Customisable library category sorting/grouping is sometime I have been asked for for a long time now, as it would solve most of the common requests for multi-category sorting levels, etc. Andre
  25. Hide Status Bar is currently a global PA setting, it does not work solely in Visualisations but in other PA screens too. Andre
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