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  1. Could you post screenshots of the Audio Info screen when the output is working correctly, and when it has failed. Plus the info shown by Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Audio Outputs Detection Log. Also, an app events logfile can be sent by email to the dev using Settings > Get Support > Send Log. Please PM @maxmp when you've done this so he knows to look out for a message from your email address and that it applies to this thread. Andre
  2. Generally, once a licence has been validated within the first 24 hours of install it should not need to be checked again unless the system is reset, the app or the Android ROM are updated or data is cleared, etc. Andre
  3. Did you unpair and re-pair the Bluetooth link by any chance? Sometimes that helps, especially after Android (or even PA) updates. Or even changing the output method being used for BT is worth a try. Glad you got it working now anyway. I think there are still some devices in the wild that do send just KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE though, and while PA is completely correct in interpreting that event as a command to PAUSE, (not as one to start playback) I still wonder if it might help users to create an optional workaround to force PAUSE commands to be interpreted as a toggle (like PLAY_PAUSE) in such cases. Andre
  4. There is no Samba plugin provided by Poweramp at the moment Andre
  5. So, for example, when you select High-Res output for Wired Headset/AUX, it starts playing correctly, but after a while it drops back to regular output mode? Does Audio Info show the correct output is actually being generated (long-press on the metadata info line while a track is playing) and what does it then show after the switch back? Andre
  6. You are talking about A-B Repeat. This is something that has often popped up as a request here on the forums over the past ten years or so, but as yet hasn't made it into the app. I remember it being on my very first CD players back in the 80s and even Laserdisc players, but it seems to have dwindled out on modern DVD/BluRay/etc devices. I never actually used it though, so perhaps that's part of why it dwindled? Andre
  7. Do you mean you want a fully flattened list of all file contents and any subfolder contents (like the All Songs list works)? Or that you'd prefer to see any subfolder names displayed (and thus played) after the current-folder filenames, rather than showing at the top of the list as at present - which to be fair has always been the normal display order for just about any modern operating system directory sorting process, subfolders first then files. The regular 'Folders' mode does sort the upper-level folder names (and thus any of their file contents) before subfolders though, which I think is what you are asking in terms of actual playback order. Andre
  8. I can confirm the same in the build 869, 'Folders Hierarchy' is not sorting correctly, either in 'By Title' or 'By Filename' modes. Regular 'Folders' mode (flattened list) mode seems to work fine. @maxmp A slight tangent, but I've often thought the term 'Folders Hierarchy' is perhaps a bit awkward, especially for new users. Could I suggest a really trivial wording change to use the more generic word 'Folders' to refer to the way people expect a normal drill-down folder structure to work (i.e.what is currently known as 'Folders Hierarchy'). The currently-worded 'Folders' option could then be renamed to something more descriptive like 'Folders Flattened List', 'Folders Full List', or even just plain 'Folders List' to keep it short and simple. I know it's just a minor semantic change, but I think it would be easier for when people first see the Library Categories - and existing users ought to still understand the revised terminology. Andre
  9. @Jnk1296 Could you describe exactly what problem are you experiencing, as this thread has meandered a little over time... If it's to do with headset or Bluetooth buttons being misinterpreted, could you have a look to see what Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands displays when you press each button on your external device? Andre
  10. What device, Android/ROM version, PA version, output method, etc? Andre
  11. Vorbis tagging is a lesser-used format compared to ID3 (Vorbis is mostly used for FLAC and OGG files) and unlike ID3 the spec supports multiple instances of the same tag field within one file. For example, you have four instances of the TITLE tag in your sample - which doesn't really make much sense to me, are all of them picked up? As far as I know, PA expects just one instance of any given tag, and multiple Genre names are handled by using a separator character (the default being ";" or "//", but it's configurable) within that one tag. I don't know whether Max has any plans to change implement reading duplicate tags - possibly when he adds multiple Artist names support - but for now, using a separator character would be the best way forward. I don't know MusicBee I'm afraid. I tend to avoid systems that do too much automatically. I'm more of a manual control freak (so there's no iTunes on anything I own). I use TagScanner to adjust my tags, but although it can do lots of batch editing tasks, including copying between and appending tags, I don't know how (or if) it handles multiple instances of the same tag as I don't have any examples. Andre
  12. Please see the High-Res Requests thread: Andre
  13. Poweramp's default Repeat mode is called 'Advance Category', which means that at the end of the current 'category' (which is PA's general term for whatever grouping you have decided to use - such as playing by Album, Folder, Artist, etc) it will move on to the next Category. Thus if you are listening to an album, after it ends PA will continue to play the next album in your chosen sort order automatically. You can turn this mode off by tapping (or long-pressing) on the Repeat icon in the player screen. You can just turn it off completely to just stop at the end of the current album, or chose other options such as Repeat Category (i.e. repeat album), repeat song, etc. If you start playback of an album by tapping on the 'Play' or ' Shuffle' icons at the top of the song list, PA will adjust the Repeat and Shuffle options to ensure playback functions as intended. However if you simply want to start playing you music without making any changes to the current modes, just tap on the first song in the list and playback will commence without adjusting your existing Repeat/Shuttle settings. For more info, please see: Andre
  14. I was asking whether the position was being stored correctly. If PA is shut down correctly then it should remember the last-played track, and also its position, so it can resume when restarted. Some head units don't give PA time to do this though, so I was checking if that was working for you. Andre
  15. Is the playback position saved when the HU shuts down in the launcher? You could try Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > Resume on Start, but that would cause playback to always start when PA is launched, which may not be what you want. Andre
  16. 'Unknown' is not a general category at all, it's more of a non-category. Personally I'd still stick it at the end, basically as an afterthought so it doesn't get in the way of all the properly indexed stuff. But I think we're all in agreement that filing it under 'U' makes no sense at all in longer lists (as it could just as easily be hidden under 'N' for Not Listed, 'A' for Absent, or 'H' for Haven't a Clue ) Andre
  17. You can use a batch tag editor (on your PC) to adjust various tags in as automatic manner as possible. I use TagScanner, but MP3Tag is another good one. TagScanner for example allows you to select a bunch of files (thousands if you want) and copy from one tag to another. But check first that all of the Artist tags really are empty (easiest way would be to sort the list By Artist in the batch screen to see any that are filled) as you don't want to overwrite any 'real' artist names with generic album info (such changing them all to 'Various Artists' for compilation albums). Andre
  18. No, but I agree it would make sense. @maxmp , might it be a good idea in all drill-down processes for any given level to be skipped if there is only one item shown in there? So opening an artist view, or a folder, where there is only one resulting item inside would just open that sub-item automatically as there is not much else logically that the user could do at that point (except maybe delete the whole thing). Andre
  19. I wonder if as people get more adventurous with tagging it might be easier to just put the Genre info onto a line of its own - like Artist, Composer, etc. get their own lines? Also, while looking at this, when there is more than one Genre description showing for a given song, I think the underlined link area should be clickable per separate Genre, rather than just as one whole long link which is probably never repeated again in that exact form. This would be so you can individually click on 'Alternate rock', 'Indie', 'OPM', etc to see other content in the same genre. Andre
  20. I see the same with a test song: at least half a dozen characters get cropped off the end of the first line before the remaining content is wrapped onto the next line. And the Track/Disc/Year info gets far too tightly packed too. Andre
  21. I don't mix in those circles - although I suspect my daughter does. Andre
  22. Yes, that's exactly how the Album Artist tag should be used. Multiple tracks will be considered as being part of the same compilation album if they have matching Album Title tags AND the same Album Artist tag too (which could be an Artist's name of course, or "Various Artists", etc). The individual Track Artist tags can vary of course, as is often the case with compilations. Andre
  23. As I said next to the big smiley face (which I assumed was a clue), I think I may be looking into it too deeply. Andre
  24. And do you see the full font-sizes menu, or just the first three items? Andre
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