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  1. Agreed, but I'm not sure if having more tracks in the list than actually exist in the library would case any coding problems, that would be down to @maxmp anyway, if he decides to implement this at some point. Andre
  2. What ROM? It's different with Android 10 for example. Andre
  3. Excellent. Looks like you had a mixture of old tracks (scanned pre build 860) and newer scans. I thought we had already done a Full Rescan, but I guess that was a different thread. Andre
  4. You can enable Notifications, which gives you a mini-control panel you can quickly pull down from the top of the screen. Andre
  5. If multiple Artist names were supported, it might reduce the crazy-long 'Artists' list on my device. I have so many duets/etc (especially in soundtrack albums) which currently create a lot of 'phantom' artist entries such as "Idina Menzel ; Kristen Chenoweth", "Idina Menzel ; William Youmans", "Idina Menzel ; Joel Grey", etc. (it's Guess the Album time... ) Of course on the downside, there would then be a lot of duplicated tracks within Artist view, because each song that was by more than one artist would have to appear twice (or more), once for each contributing person. Andre
  6. You just cropped off the details of the later items. After 250/251/252 came 209/210/etc, which it would be interesting to see the data from (track and disc) as that's what should have been after 208. Could you also enable the disc number display (Settings > Library > Lists > Show Disc). Whenever a track number is present, the disc number field should default to showing a filler value of '1' if there is no actual disc number present in the tags (which I think probably needs changing to a null value, just like for missing Track# tags, but that's how it works for now). Andre
  7. I can only assume that this issue must revolve around the data linked with files (such as create-date, modified-date, archive flags, etc) so that somehow Poweramp is not getting prompted to re-read the files. However Full Rescan is meant to override all that and read them anyway. Andre
  8. Multiple Genres, yes. Multiple Artists, not yet. Andre
  9. A couple of things spring to mind, first double-check List Options to ensure you are actually using Track# sorting for that list, and also is it possible that some of the files might also have a stray Disc# tag, as that will also affect sorting? Currently the main display only shows Track#, not "Disc# / Track#", but if you look in the small metadata on the right, you should see the disc number if you have enabled it in Settings > Library > Lists > Show Disc. Andre
  10. What sort of file copier app are you using for moving from internal to SD Card? Whatever it is doing seem to be causing the problems, but I have no idea why. And you've turned all of PA's auto-scanning options off, so it can't try to scan before the file copy is fully complete? By the way, when you said PA "recognized 3 of those albums, one album has empty tags" do you mean it only found three albums, and one of those three had empty tags (i.e. you see two tagged albums and one untagged). Or did you mean it found all four albums, but only three of them showed tags? Andre
  11. Try increasing the buffer size in Settings > Audio > Output > (your chosen output method). Andre
  12. What happens when you enable track number viewing within the title line text (Settings > Library > Lists > Show Track Number). Do the numbers show on there correctly but still in the wrong order, or are they in some way missing (indicating that metadata is not being full read during the scanning processes) and hence ordered incorrectly? There was an issue with tracks beyond 99 causing display issues when this feature was first introduced, but it should be fine by build 860. Andre
  13. Poweramp can play any linear streaming broadcast audio stations (e.g., radio stations, website audio streams, etc). It cannot stream subscription services like Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. Go to the top Library view in Poweramp and select 'Streams'. Then tap on the three-dots menu icon and choose 'Add URL' and enter the HTTP web link for the radio station you want - e.g. BBC Radio 2 in the UK would be http://bbcmedia.ic.llnwd.net/stream/bbcmedia_radio2_mf_p Some stations will even provide you with ready-made .M3U or .PLS playlist files that you just need to download and save in any location that Poweramp already scans for music. Andre
  14. So to clarify, any music saved on internal storage scans fine, with all metadata info displayed correctly in the PA Library lists. However the exact same files, in the same named folder structure, when placed on your SD Card do get scanned into the library but without any metadata (title, artist, album, etc) being shown in the lists. And this happens with all of your music, and a Full Rescan does not change the situation? Have you tried a full uninstall of PA and reinstalling (or a doing a 'Clear Data' in the Android app settings ought to do the same thing)? Andre
  15. Ah, sorry, I probably should have asked what build you were using. Glad it's sorted for you now anyway - and especially that the old bug has not re-appeared! Andre
  16. How did you buy it, website on on the Google Play Store? Are you using the same Google account / email address? Is it the same device or a new one? Andre
  17. Which of the above is the case, in one message you said internal storage worked but SD Card did not, but the other message says both failed. Have you added the new storage card location (Android will have given it a new name) to Settings > Library > Music Folders. You also said your folder and filenames have no special characters, but your earlier example screenshots showed lot of special characters, e.g: Andre
  18. The previous complaints were all dated some time ago, I thought the issue had been fixed in more recent builds. Andre
  19. A simple slider would definitely be a nice option. In a similar vein, I'd also like to see a tickbox to also check for user activity. That way you could set the timer to stop playback 10 minutes after the last user interaction took place (track control, volume changes, etc). That would be a more elegant way to allow for how long it takes you to fall asleep, with PA shutting down a set period after you're finished using any controls. Andre
  20. MP3Tag is very similar to TagScanner, but I don't know whether they both have the same extended functions beyond tag editing. Andre
  21. You do need to get into the PA menu somehow to check the settings (and to enable the separate menu icon for future use). Android KitKat and lower devices almost always had proper hardware menu/home/back buttons, but car headunits sometimes seem to be a separate case, they use older versions of Android but without properly supporting the necessary controls. Have you checked with the support dept for the headunit to see how you are meant to use Home/Back/etc? Andre
  22. I thought this one had gone away long ago as no one has mentioned it recently. And this only happens when you try to modify the M3U8 list within Poweramp, until then it's fine? Andre
  23. That sounds like an Android notification trying to interrupt, is that a possibility? Andre
  24. If you formatted the card, PA would have had to rescan everything anyway as Android would have presented it as new storage. Does this problem occur with every track, or just some (specific ones, or randomly?). The sample you uploaded was regular ASCII in both the filename and tag contents, were the folder names too? Andre
  25. Both files seem fine to me and are identical. With both placed on my SD Card while PA is not running, when I run PA the tags are all read correctly and show up in Recently Added category too. Andre
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