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  1. Erm, there is... You may need to enable in it Library > (menu button) > List Options though, you can choose which categories you want to see or hide for the top Library view. Andre
  2. That would be your problem then, all peak levels would have been clipping (or limiting in your case). Andre
  3. Another option would be to use ReplayGain which is designed reduce the maximum peak levels of tracks (e.g. areas that peak at 100% ) thus giving more headroom for EQ boosts to occur without clipping or limiting. Andre
  4. Just checking, but have you actually turned the new experimental feature on? It is turned off by default. Settings > Album Art > Increase Resolution (which is tucked away at the bottom of the menu) Andre
  5. Local or attached-device (such as a USB drive if supported by the device), anything that appears in the Android file system and scan be scanned basically. Max is developing an API that may eventually allow more access to local networked content, but at the moment that feature is in very early experimental stages. You can already connect to specific streaming music if you know its URL. Andre
  6. This is not something skin developers can do in isolation, as PA provides them with an already concatenated string of Artist + Album Title. PA would need to provide two separate items for skins to be able to process them separately. And as Max said, it would not work well on the more squat 16:9 screen ratios with all of the other default content on the screen, although it would look great on the newer 20:9 and 21:9 screens. Andre
  7. If your Android phone won't read the portable HD directly (when using an appropriate connector) then you could connect the external HD to your laptop, then put your phone's SD Card into a card-reader on the laptop (or just plug the phone into another USB socket on the laptop) and simply drag and drop the music files over. Once they are on the phone's SD Card, PA should be able to scan them. Andre
  8. If you do normalise the MP3 files, make sure you do it losslessly (just the packet header gain details are changed, not the actual music data). But to be honest, Replay Gain should do exactly the same thing. Andre
  9. Perfect temporary solution then. Like some of the others here, I think I actually prefer the cleaner look of the solid bars in the default skins anyway (I hadn't really looked at it that closely before). Andre
  10. By default as per the specs, ReplayGain is meant to adjust tracks so they all have the same maximum peak level of -14dB from digital maximum. This is achieved by either boosting low-volume-level recordings, or by reducing the volume of recordings that already peak at 100% (which is very common these days). This is done to allow plenty of headroom for post processing, EQ, effects, etc. However that does result in the peak sound level - while still being equal between each track - being set somewhat lower than the device might otherwise be capable of. This can upset the "it goes up to 11!" brigade. To compensate for this, there is a control which defines what level RG is meant to use as its desired peak level, and if you have low (or no) EQ boost settings then you can safely make that target level somewhat higher than the default would be. The "Preamp without RG" setting does the same thing for any tracks without any RG tags, and on the assumption that they probably peak at 100% it can reduce those tracks to match with the levels that RG tracks use, so hopefully they all sound similar. Andre
  11. It's strange, the bars display correctly for all volume levels in the default skins, and they are also fine for higher volume levels in $YAPS$. But anything under about 50% in $YAPS$ shows as exactly 50%. Andre
  12. I wouldn't go so far as to say "most" people, but there have certainly been a few over the years. There are plans to update the lyrics feature a bit in the future, but I don't think it's a particularly high priority - and please don't expect Poweramp to turn into a Karaoke app. Personally, I don't tend to listen to a lot of music where I can't hear the lyrics with my ears rather than my eyes. Andre
  13. What output method are you using? There are several, so if you are using the default OpenSL ES then you could try AudioTrack or high-res instead. Andre
  14. The Google Play unlocker authenticates via your Google Play account, it won't work at all if you sideload it without gapps present. It is valid for multiple devices as long as they use the same Google account. The website-purchase version does not use an unlocker app at all, it works by validating the ID you were sent by email against the same email account registered on the phone. Normally that requires gapps too (when PA was developed, all Android devices depended on Google services, unlike today where there are offshoots) but it also supports a couple of other email solutions as listed in the FAQ , which perhaps you could sideload? Website licences are only valid for use on one device at a time, and installing on a new device will invalidate any previous licence validation on a different device. Andre
  15. The setting is mainly for Folders and Playlists (not Album/Artist/etc views), but once you set it for one of those view types it is sticky and remains enabled globally for any other folders/playlists whenever you return to them later. This means it won't happen if you use (for example) Artists or Albums view to listen to other music, but it will happen in Folders mode - so best of both worlds! Andre
  16. Glad its working for you now. I'll leave this topic open though, partly in case anyone else encounters the same thing, but also as that setting technically should not cause the effect that you saw. I suspect the 'No Reshuffle' option should get overridden when you actually do ask it to do a new Shuffle. Andre
  17. Unfortunately, the PA v2 licence validation requirements are as per the list in the FAQs. Can you sideload any of the suggested validation solutions? As v2 is now a legacy product, there hasn't been any further development on it for about four years now, and its functionality is "as is". Andre
  18. For v2, the email options were a bit more limited than in the more recent releases, but as long as you do have email and internet enabled on the device, you should be able to get it to work. Gapps is the main way, but there are a couple of other options. See the FAQ page for more info: Andre
  19. Assuming you have these multiple audio files stored tidily in folders, go to Folders (or Folders Hierarchy) view and drill down to the songs level. Tap the three-dots menu icon and select List Options. You can then enable settings to remember the List Position (i.e. which file you are on) and/or Per-Track Progress (which is like the global setting you mentioned above, but it does not have any duration limits). Andre
  20. Do you mean a voice-over announcement, saying in a digitised voice the track title, artist name, etc? A bit like a radio station announcer when they talk over the start of a track? Or do you mean a pre-announcement, before each new track starts? Andre
  21. Try turning No Reshuffle off, see if that makes a difference, it might not be updating correctly to your new shuffled sequence? Andre
  22. When you are in the Player screen during that shuffled playback, what mode does the Shuffle icon display when you long-press on it? It should have the 'Shuffle Songs/Categories' mode ticked. Odd too that your playback starts from the oldest Year, I would have expected it to start from the top of the list and work down. Unless you have changed the List Options sorting order? Check by tapping the three-dots icon at the top of the Years view. By default, List Options should be set to 'By Year', and with the Reverse box unticked. Andre
  23. Not sure why Media Monkey would be losing your tracks though? Are the files stored locally on your Windows PC or in the cloud somewhere? if it did manage to corrupt some, just copy them back from your phone which you seem to say is working fine. Andre
  24. For what purpose then? To chat about Poweramp? There is already this forum, a Facebook group, and some other places to talk. Andre
  25. @Mikl @Ahmet Burak -- So do you both seem to have the same problem - that the very fact of installing Poweramp at all (but not even running it) breaks your general Bluetooth connection for alll apps/devices? Andre
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