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  1. Well thank you so much for your input 'New User'.

    Storing at least the 'last-played' position for longer tracks (whether those be classic music, podcasts or audiobooks) is a pretty basic need as the current navigation tools are rather clumsy for anything beyond fairly short songs. Also the option to skip those sort of tracks from shuffle lists would be very useful too. But I agree that there's no need to make Poweramp a full audiobook player per se.

    Nice to know you are happy in your world anyway though.

    Kind Regards,


    (very experienced user, and long-time beta-tester)

  2. Could you be so kind as to provide the location of the Chinese sub-forum nand thread?!

    That's what I just said, a Chinese language sub-forum is needed, like the other language sub-forums that the site already has.

    Not condemming anyone, just saying this is starting to clog up an English-language support forum, that's all.


  3. How stupid is that. The WHOLE reason I decided to down go the Android route rather than iPhone was the proper tactile buttons, physical keyboard options, etc. I ideally want to keep Home, Back and Menu (not bothered about Search) away from the capacitive screen completely if possible, as I keep hitting the bottom on the screen rather than the buttons. Such functions certainly don't belong near the top of the screen cluttered up around information icons.


  4. I use Samba for general file copying over Wi-Fi (not USB) and I mostly just copy files over to my phone's folder whenever I feel I want to update them.

    I do use AllWay Sync for syncing my podcasts though, which I run daily (it syncs both ways, so deletions on the droid, after I've listened to a podcast, are also deleted from the PC).

    I don't have any other music players on my droid (apart from the one that came with it) so there needs to be a 'None' category in the final question, as it insists that you select something.


  5. There could be a simple .dotfile, which if found in a folder would indicate that the folder contains audiobooks, podcasts, etc. The files within that folder would then allow saved playback positions - possibly via simple filename/position entries in that same .dotfile, or another .dotfile matching each filename? - and they could also be excluded from any random-order playback modes, which was another request for audiobook/podcast files.


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