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  1. As I said, if you are using folders and filenames to catalogue your music (and especially if your ID3 tags are often wrong) why not just use Folders mode? That's what it's for, and I use it all the time that way, it works perfectly. You can even sort the top 'folders' level by folder name and the 'files' level using ID3 tags, such as Track Number, if you want.


  2. Yeah, I'd like this too - I very much like overall look of the standard one, but I just need two tiny little tweeks - make the progress bar thicker (more like the old one) and swap the playback/etc buttons section to the bottom of the screen by moving the track info & propgress bar to just below the album art.

    How about it Max, a little Xmas present for us? :)


  3. As I remember, this issue was fixed couple of builds ago.

    There are some pretty strong comments on the second page of this 'hot' thread: http://forum.poweram...between-starts/ which indicate that the problem is still present. Last happened to me yesterday, for example.

    Briefly: when working in Folders mode, sometimes (often after restarting the program, or perhaps on bluetooth disconnect, or other random occasion) PowerAmp forgets its mode and reverts to 'All Songs' mode and starts playback of the very first song in the list.


  4. Lots of good points there. Mostly fairly simple, definitely non-critical, stuff, but good for adding to the wishlist. None are really deal-breakers though.

    I rarely use the Library options myself to be honest, I mostly use folder/file navigation. In fact, that's one of the reasons I didn't go down the iProduct route; they didn't give enough freedom to set up your media structure the way YOU want to, rather than the way the system wants you to.

    Oh, and one on one point. you can turn the EQ/Tone features off completely.


  5. when playing in folder mode, whenever Poweramp reaches the last file of the present file, automatically go to the first file in the next folder. As far as I can tell, there is no option, presently, to do this (using ver 2.0.1 build 455, registered user).

    Set 'Repeat' mode to 'Advance List...'


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