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  1. Not possible at the moment I'm afraid, but as you say it would appear to be a useful and fairly simple request. I've been asking for just this sort of feature for more than two years now (as have other users) so I wouldn't hold your breath on this one...


  2. I don't know specifically about your language, but have you tried selecting it manually in Settings > Look and Feel > Language, and also choosing the appropriate Tag Encoding mode in Settings > Folders and Library > Folders/Library Scanner. Worth trying anyway.


  3. No, it's a daft "feature" by Samsung in their firmware. You'll need to install an alternative kernel which supports the option (I use Googy-Max on my S3, but I'm sure there must be an S4 variant which does it too; ask over on XDA-Developers). You will obviously need to have rooted your phone and install the new kernel via a flashing utility like ClockworkMod. It's not that hard to do, but can be a little daunting if you've never done it before.


  4. As I said in another thread, for the short ones (notifications, ringtones, etc) just deselect those folders from your Poweramp 'Music Folders' list so they are never scanned and never show up in Poweramp.

    That doesn't help so much with the longer files of course, and a way to remove any audio tracks over a certain length from random play mode would indeed be useful (in my case to stop podcasts and 30-60 minute radio shows popping up during random music play).


  5. I couldn't agree more, it would be a very useful feature indeed for any kind of spoken-word based audio really - podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows, etc. The current navigation system is not really up to handling any longer audio forms. And it can't be difficult to implement surely?

    However every time it (or other similarly useful features such as bookmarking your place in audiobooks/podcasts to come back to later, or omitting these type of files from shuffled music playback modes) get mentioned, sadly there is generally a deathly hush in terms of any kind of official response.

    <sits back and waits again>


  6. I have Notifications set to 'Privacy' mode on my Galaxy S3, so that when I've got headphones plugged in everything (including ringtones, notifications, etc) is forced to headphones rather than the phone's speaker.

    I don't think that's a standard Samsung option though (rather like blocking the screen timeout during charging) but a function of the ROM/kernel that I'm using. I hated the default Samsung mode!


  7. Agreed, I don't mind the album art at all, but would it really be so hard to have an option to just not display it (or the background effect) for those who do not want it?

    Oh, and a scaling factor of '1' should really mean to fill the full available height (or width for landscape art) with the image, it's odd to have to use trial and error to find a zoom value of 1.05x to get the album art to use up all the space as fully as possible without cropping. Then anything less than 1 should give smaller than full-size.


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