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  1. To start playback from any view level (e.g. an Album title from within the Artists list, just long-press on that album title and select 'Play' from the menu)

    Set the Shuffle mode to OFF and Repeat mode to OFF and it should play the whole album and then stop at the end (using whatever sort order you have selected for that level).


  2. I agree, "Advance List" is hardly a user-friendly way to phrase it. Glad I could help you anyway. (I wonder how many other users out there never knew how to do this?)

    I did suggest some minor wording changes to the Repeat icon a few years ago - basically a more logical sequence of "Play Track", "Play Album/Folder/List", "Play All" and then "Repeat Track", "Repeat Album/Folder/List", "Repeat All" - which the dev agreed at the time was a good idea. However as with so many other minor (and major) requests, we're still waiting for the elusive version 3.


  3. Ah, you're talking about the folder view rather than just the playback order. Sounds like you're saying you'd like a full view where all folder contents are expanded by default.

    Maybe an 'Expand All' tickbox for all view modes would be a good idea, so whether you are looking at Folders, Albums or Artists, you would see the full contents of every subgroup in one long list.


  4. I'm pretty such this is on the planned features list.

    Unfortunately, the whole planned features list has been planned since sometime in 2011, and currently appears to be dependent on a new audio engine that Max is working on first before any of it is going to happen. And "this year" is the closest anyone has seen to an ETA for that.


  5. If you stop music for a minute and start again, sleep timer would turn off, so I check that icon all the time.

    It does? Darn, that'll be why I sometimes find it's still playing in the morning and my battery is half-flat even though I set the sleep timer.

    I suggested ages ago (must be 2-3 years?) that it'd be nice to have an 'automatic stop' option, where you could set Poweramp to always automatically stop playing after (say) 60 minutes of no user interaction. Just tapping and releasing pause, or a quick volume down/up, would reset the counter to zero again. My TiVo DVR does this (set to 2 or 4 hours), as did my audio player on my old Windows Mobile phones, and I found it really useful.


  6. Quite. There are so many relatively small fixes and minor feature requests which would go such a long way toward placating the general level of user unease and frustration that sadly now seems to surround Poweramp (at least if these forums are anything to go by).

    It rather feels as though the current Poweramp project has in effect been largely abandoned, and all efforts are being made into building what will be basically a new product that looks much the same.


    I don't know whether I can speak for any other users, but personally I don't actually want a wholly rebuilt system and new audio engine, I just want incremental features to be regularly added to a product which I already like very much, but which unfortunately has seen no really substantial updates for 2+ years (see the changelog).

    I guess the problem is there's just not enough Max to go around, it's hard for a one-man-band to do everything when you start to find yourself looking after what is now a multi-million users project.


  7. so I find it troubling when such a simple issue gets overlooked for years.

    I wasn't trying to defend the delay, merely suggesting one solution which might work for you in the meantime. With a decent batch encoder and LAME you could probably automatically re-encode large amounts of music in one go. But as you say, it's a lot of work.

    I can't disagree with your frustrations of seeing popular feature requests being effectively dismissed for years though; I'm in the same boat as you, and many of the other dedicated users here, over a number of requested features.


  8. Personally, I don't really use tags much at all, apart from Title and cover art. I organise my music by folders and files, so I control how it works rather than the system trying to do it for me.

    But then that's pretty-much why I went down the Android path rather than iPhone in the first place.

    However none of the above is a reason not to support Album Artist for those who need it, as you say it's another very long overdue feature.



    I have recently started transcoding my FLAC collection to OGG to save space (my new phone has no external microSD), and found out about this issue. Such a shame, I really like PowerAmp. For now I have to contend with the cover.jpg workaround... Luckily, I only have a few albums converted. I will wait till this issue gets sorted.

    Or just use MP3s like everyone else? With a good encoder and a decent bitrate you'll be hard-pressed to tell any difference on a phone.


  10. Have you tried ticking Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > Sort by Filesystem Date/Time ? That might help. Otherwise it sorts by the date/time that Poweramp added the tracks to its Library (which will all become the same time/date after a Full Rescan).

    For random playback of whole albums (but still playing all of the tracks in each album in the right order), on the Player screen tap the Shuffle icon until you get to "Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order".


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