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  1. I don't think so, no.


    To be honest, the user interface in the playback screen doesn't seem to have received a lot of love over the last few years - apart from via skinners, but that's not the way to go for feature changes, that's more for looks/colours/icons/etc.


    The audio engine side of things is great, but the options to access and control your music playback are getting left way behind IMHO (as anyone who's tried to navigate a two-hour track, or had radio shows pop up during random song playback, would probably agree)



  2. I suggested a long time ago that it would make more sense for the Shuffle and Repeat icons to act as on/off toggles when tapped once, and to use long-press to bring up a popup letting you choose the type of Repeat or the Shuffle mode that will be used.


    I think most people tend to have a standard method which they use most of the time, and the ability to simply turn that on or off with a single tap would be better.


    But whichever way it works, the settings should be sticky between sessions.



  3. I use Folders rather than Library mode, so you can either name each folder appropriately for sorting, or just nest them within another folder to force different albums (e.g. all albums for one artist) to remain together.


    I prefer to control the way things work on my equipment, rather than letting the software dictate to me. Which I guess is why I don't have an iPhone, and won't let iTunes near any of my PC equipment.



  4. If your music is on your SD card, just pop it into your new phone and make sure the relevant folder name is enabled in Poweramp's MusicFolders list.


    Playlist export should work, but you may have to copy over the lists from whatever location which Poweramp has exported to (which may be the phone's internal memory, rather than the external SD card). I'd suggest copying them all to a 'Playlists' folder inside your music folder on your SD card, that way they should be picked up automatically when you put the SD card into the new phone.



  5.  It seems like PowerAmp requires at least one folder in between the playlists and the referenced MP3s. Thank you, mate! :)


    It shouldn't do, you should be able to just use just the filename (with no path modifiers at all) if the MP3 file is in the same directory as the M3U file. e.g:


         All The Small Things.mp3



  6. I've used relative playlists, yes. You need to make sure the playlist file is stored in the right place of course, so the relative paths work.


    For example I've got a "Harry Potter" folder, with sub-folders for each of the 8 films. And at the same level as those 8 folders (i.e. just inside the main "Harry Potter" folder) I have a playlist for just my favourite tracks, in the format:


    Harry Potter 1 - The Philosopher's Stone\HP1-01 - Prologue.mp3Harry Potter 1 - The Philosopher's Stone\HP1-02 - Harry's Wondrous World.mp3Harry Potter 1 - The Philosopher's Stone\HP1-19 - Hedwig's Theme.mp3Harry Potter 3 - The Prisoner of Azkaban\HP3-01 - Lumos! (Hedwig's Theme).mp3Harry Potter 3 - The Prisoner of Azkaban\HP3-21 - Mischief Managed!.mp3Harry Potter 5 - The Order of the Phoenix\HP5-01 - Fireworks.mp3Harry Potter 5 - The Order of the Phoenix\HP5-02 - Professor Umbridge.mp3



  7. Yes, you could globally replace ".mp3" with ".m4a" in the M3U text file to change the references to point to your converted file types.


    If the files are no longer in the same relative structure as they were on your other system, it'll be quite a job to edit the folder paths though, you'd have to do them almost one-by-one. Can you not put them all on your SD card, in the same folder structure as they were on the PC? Then replacing one base path (e.g. C:\Users\yourname\Music\) with another (/mnt/extSdCard/MusicFolders/) isn't too hard. Or even use relative paths (i.e. the path starting from the location of the playlist files, not hard-coded to the root of the file system)



  8. I use M3U format playlists. They are simple plain text, so it's easy to use a text editor to do basic global changes like altering extensions and changing absolute paths (or making them relative paths), etc.



  9. Much more to the point, I'd prefer to see all the pending feature requests, updates and fixes on Android dealt with first (unless another person is hired to code an iOS version anyway).



    (personal opinion only)

  10. What would be the difference between "Shuffle all songs" and "Shuffle songs, Shuffle lists"? When would I need to use one over the other? 


    See post #2 above.


    Basically, "Shuffle All" can play any song at all from your library, in any order. "Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists" first chooses an album or folder and then plays that album's entire contents (in random order), then it randomly chooses another album/folder and does the same again, etc.



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