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  1. I assume you mean "scrobble"? It is used to upload and archive the details of every song that you playback on your device to a central database (such as Last.fm) so you can review your listening habits later, or share and compare your music tastes with other people (it only shares the song details, not the actual MP3 music files).



  2. guys, sorry for asking, what this mean (Album List - Sort by Album Artist)

    Can you explain in detail ?


    At a guess, it would mean that someone wants to sort their album list using the Album Artist tag rather than the current Track Artist tag (which might be different in cases such as collections, duets, collaborations, etc). It seems to be fairly well explained in the first post though.



  3. I don't think Poweramp itself can save new album art inside MP3 files at present, it just keeps local copies of the images. It can however display artwork that has already been embedded into a file, and I think that is what you see in the above screens (I think the wording should probably read as "Embedded Album Art" rather than "Embed album art").



  4. How odd, for me it unloads instantly from Running Apps, immediately that I stop playing.


    It is still visible as a Cached Background Process of course (about 22MB) but that doesn't matter in the slightest as that's automatically managed by Android if it needs the memory for something else.


    Just a thought, but have you maybe got "Keep Service" selected in Poweramp Settings > Misc > Tweaks ? If so, untick it.



  5. What resources is it actively consuming while not playing?


    If you're that worried, just long-press on the Home button and remove the app from the current list, where you will also find a whole load of other apps sitting quietly dormant and not consuming any required resources either. Better still, just let Android deal with dormant process handling if/when it needs to.



  6. Were you also too disappointed to check the Album Art settings menu? In there you should be able to turn the download feature off entirely if you want, and also select whether you prefer to use in-folder images or downloaded art. You can also delete all downloaded/cached art via that menu, which should revert everything to the embedded art that you say you have stored within your MP3 files.



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