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  1. No need to enqueue anything, just select Library>Albums mode and click on any song to start playback (starting playback from there is important, if you don't do that you are only changing your current browsing view, not the actual playback sequence - it's not very intuitive, but you get used to it).


    Then back in the Library's Albums view, you can use the List Options menu option to set the sort order for your Albums, and if you then view the contents of an album (tracks) you can use that same List Options menu to set the sort order for the tracks within the albums (both of these sort orders can be changed independently, it's quite flexible).


    Oh, and ensure that your Repeat mode is set to "Advance List" - again, that's not exactly an obvious choice, but if you don't then Poweramp will stop at the end of each album rather than carrying on to the first track of the next one.



  2. I know what you mean, but your phone and your computer are two separate animals, and while they can both have playlists, they are not the same thing. And to make it harder, every program on the computer can have different types of playlist. :(

    We've suggested one way you can make them work, but I completely agree with you that it's not a simple "iPhone style" solution where the system does everything for you its own way - whether you actually want it to or not. I guess I chose the Android route BECAUSE it allows me to control how things work - such as folder locations, etc - but that does sometimes mean a bit more work and less automation, which isn't for everyone.


  3. You just need to ensure that you are using the same Google (gmail) account on your restarted device as before, and then you should be able to re-download the Unlocker again from Google Play just like you did when you first purchased it online.



  4. No, Poweramp does not currently work with Spotify or any other streaming service, it is a local file player only.


    I've removed the three duplicate posts that you made by the way, and you'll need to report your Spotify issues/requests to them directly, they won't see it here.



  5. It will work with just the filenames, and no other #EXTINF etc lines in the M3U file, by the way. You can also use relative paths if you like (which are based from the same location where you store the playlist file) but absolute paths are fine too as long as they are edited as above. It may sound complicated, but it's really just a couple of Search & Replaces.



  6. Google translation:


    When using dynamic wallpaper audio glow of Android (2.3), run poweramp and enter playback interface, which would render the audio glow

    Stop, there are other navigation systems to run simultaneously if the time to enter the poweramp player interface will cause poweramp exit. Initially suspected to be the album cover with the other call OpenGL OpenGL software caused by the conflict.

  7. Something as simple as Notepad will do it, or any other text editor, if you don't mind a bit of cut'n'pasting or typing. The most basic format of an M3U playlist file is just a list of filenames with optional paths.
    If you export a playlist from another program (such as Media Player) then it will work, but you need to be careful of hard-coded paths (such as "C:\Users\<name>\Music\") which won't exist on your phone, so you'll need to edit them to make the paths relative to your phone's directory structure.

  8. The app is not dependent on ID tags, and it can happily play audio files without any tags at all, just by telling it the folders where the audio files are stored.


    However for Library and content-display functions (rather than just simple folder/file navigation) then tags are highly recommended for any music player. All modern audio formats can store an enormous amount of extra metadata in addition to the pure audio content.



  9. That seemed too obvious to mention, but yes, just to cover all the bases - you haven't maybe only edited the FOLDER and FILE names have you? If so you need to use an MP3 ID3 tag editor (I use TagScanner) to alter the data stored within the files too.


    The best way to check that in Windows is to simply view the file properties 'Details' tab, which should show you the media tag contents for the file.


  10. So your 'Music Folders' directory tree shows your External SD Card, and within that tree the folder which contains your music is ticked, yes? Also there are no duplicated (virtual) folder trees which lead to the same place (this can happen on Android 4.2.2 and above)?


    Have you tried copying some music files into another folder, on the phone's built-in memory, and after ensuring that the new folder name is ticked too, doing a Full Rescan?



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