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  1. A little updated on current Poweramp development state of things.

    So any news of a beta version of the next update as yet?

    I'm not really bothered about audio engine updates (the current audio engine seems perfectly okay for me already) but functionality and UI feature requests have not really been addressed in any serious way for two years or more.

    It now seems to be showing here in terms of users giving up and leaving (or just bumping old requests made years ago). Overall, it's getting to be a bit of a ghost-town here - apart from spammers needing removing anyway.


  2. It does look kinda familiar doesn't it? Even their website front page design looks similar. Maybe that's why there hasn't been a serious update to Poweramp for a couple of years, is there something Max isn't telling us. ;)



  3. Did this ever get added, as stated above (a year and a half ago)?


    I copied some recent radio recordings over onto my phone this morning, but Powermap did not show them until I changed the extensions from MP2 to MP3.


    The Poweramp audio engine already supports the file format fine, it just needs the text ".mp2" added to the list of allowed file extensions.



  4. You could also use an alternative kernel which allows control of the output amp gain, but that's kinda device specific. I use one on my Galaxy S3, as the default setting introduces hiss in the output stages which you can clearly hear when listening in the quiet of the night (it reduces to inaudible by setting the gain to around 40 instead of the max 64, although I need to turn it back up for outdoor use).


  5. Poweramp cannot access the root directory as far as I know, it is not a root app.

    If you need it immediately (although you did say that you just "decided to use it today") could you set up a virtualised folder within your visible directory structure and map that to your USB drive?


  6. Great, many thanks for the update!


    Could you maybe outline the core UI changes that are in the pipeline too? That's where I feel that Poweramp may have been lagging behind a bit recently. Specifically the following come to my mind from the past few years of requests as being possibly more urgent than audio engine updates (actually, I don't have any problems with the current audio engine to be honest):

    • Tag updating (e.g. inserting downloaded art and 'star' ratings directly into MP3 files for sync purposes).
    • Album Artist support, and other ID3 tags, plus improved sorting options.
    • Playback of cloud-based audio streams (including files on local NAS, etc).
    • DLNA/etc output to local devices wirelessly.
    • Long audio track support, for classical music, radio shows, podcasts, audiobooks, etc (easier navigation within tracks, remembering playback positions, ignoring long tracks during shuffled music playback).
    • Back button logic improvements (i.e. when coming from the playback screen, the Back button should go straight back to there)
    • Backup of all user-settings to SD Card.
    • Single-file playback facility (pause at end).
    Just an indication of where in the roadmap these fall would be great. (I'm sure I've missed a ton, the above are just from memory)



  7. If your device doesn't have an email app on it (and if it's an in-car audio player, I guess it probably wouldn't) you might be stuck for getting in-app support. Lots of people report that Poweramp needs to 'phone home' to Google to re-authorise itself rather too often after the initial purchase transaction, and I'm guessing you might be in the same boat.


    Try emailing the dev at  poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com.



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