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  1. Not easily, Android does not have a standard Recycle bin for deleted files.

    If your videos were on an SD card, remove it from your phone immediately and do not write anything else to it, and it might be possible to use a data recovery tool on it as long as nothing has started to overwrite the space that the files previously occupied.

    There are some utilities listed in the Play store (search for "undelete") but I've never used any of them so I can't recommend anything specific. I would imagine they are all going to require root access on your phone to get that low-level into the system.

    It might be best to ask somewhere like XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com), as this is more of a file-system question than a Poweramp one. But as I said, if this is on a memory card remove it from your phone immediately (or make it read-only) to maximise your chances of recovery.


  2. I would start by installing BetterBatteryStats (Play Store or http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1179809) and see what it reports - both with Poweramp playing for a few hours, and also with Poweramp off and the phone idle for the same period. In both cases start with the charger plugged it, and then unplug it just as you start the test and keep the screen off for the test duration. You can create a logfile at the end of each test to compare results.


  3. I think this could be easily be incorporated by adding the option to the repeat options.

    I suggested this a couple of years ago, and even worked out a more logical flow of options that would keep all of the old functionality but be a little bit more user-friendly for new users (what does "Advance List" mean to a new user for example?). I was told at the time that it was a good idea, and that it would be added to a forthcoming incremental update. Still waiting. :(


  4. 1. This is already an option in Settings.

    2. Album art is already displayed in the Library screen (well, in the Album view mode anyway, which is probably the only place where it would be applicable).

    3. Not a bad idea (although you can always just use the device's 'back' button and then press the track name again to do this).


  5. Skins are already implemented to do pretty much all of what you suggest (none of which I happen to find at all desirable by the way).

    Trying to scrub via the progress bar is semi-impossible, as within most skins it is far too thin and fiddly to use on my screen without mis-tapping in the wrong place and bringing up the Folders/Library screen instead. And how exactly would you suggest using it to navigate forward or backward by a few seconds within (for example) a two-hour audio track? I personally would prefer EXTRA navigation buttons, not fewer (e.g. Skip Back and Skip Forward buttons to move reliably through a track in -10 or +30 second increments) at the expense of less screen space given over to album art. I use that navigation method on my PC's A/V player, and I've set up the Media Player for my TV the same way, and far prefer it.

    Tap artwork for pause/play would not work for me, as I use it to display/hide the interface icons (which answers your points 2 and 3 also).

    "One man's meat is another man's poison", as the saying goes.


  6. Yeah it would be nice, but there is no requirement for valid M3U files to contain anything except the filename and optionally a relative or absolute path.

    M3U8 is exactly the same format as M3U, but it allows for a wider character set encoding within the music filenames (M3U limits to basic ASCII characters only).

    I'm afraid I can't advise you about iTunes, as I refuse to let it anywhere near any of my computers or other devices.

    Hopefully this is somewhere on the lengthy (and getting longer) feature requests list, but as nothing major new seems to have been implemented for about two years, I'm afraid you might have a bit of a wait.


  7. Ah! I see what you are saying now. This would be a particular problem if the parent folder happened to contain files as well as folders, as those files would not get included unless all of the folders at the same level were selected too (in my case that does not happen as I only have folders OR files within any given folder level, not both).

    A temporary fix would be the same way I do it - create a 'Misc' folder for the orphan files, so that all of the files are within some sort of selectable folder.

    Max, this would a bug for the list I think.


  8. Still not sure I'm quite getting your problem...

    Selecting or deselecting a parent folder will select/deselect all its child folders too by default. However if you only want some of the child folders to be used, just deselect the ones that you don't want. Or only select the ones you do want, whichever is the quicker option for you. I seem to be able to select anything I want, down to a single folder level.


  9. Don't worry he still works on Poweramp and updates and soon new update will be released )


    Glad he's OK, I was starting to wonder too.


    Not even a minor patch in three months, let alone any new UI/feature additions, and users appearing to be deserting this forum in their droves... I was starting to worry, given that this is such a high-profile app with >1m paid downloads.



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