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  1. The import option imports playlists from the Android system library.


    Anything you've Exported from that menu as an M3U (or M3U8) playlist file can be re-imported by running a rescan anyway (as long as you place the file/s somewhere Poweramp is set to scan anyway).



  2. Yes, I miss the old 'dumb-phone' days when you created User Profiles for various settings (ringtones, volume, etc) which could be quickly enabled for Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, etc.


    Android doesn't seem to have a direct equivalent built-in, but there are lots of way to mimic it via apps. If your phone has an NFC reader like my Galaxy S3 does, the NFC Task Launcher app is a really elegant way to automate this.



  3. I have a 'Car' profile set up in NFC Task Launcher, which includes turning the lockscreen off, turning GPS and Bluetooth on, setting the media volume, and launching Poweramp. I have an NFC tag stuck on the phone-holder in the car so it launches the profile/task whenever I put the phone in the car, but you can launch tasks manully too. I'm sure Tasker and others must offer the same sort of choices though.



  4. You should only pay once.


    First you download the main app from Google Play, which is listed as a 'trial' version and is free. Then if you like it, and want to continue using the app after the trial, you can purchase the Unlocker from Google Play which removes the trial restrictions and lets the app continue to work. You only pay for the Unlocker part though, which just sits there on your device and allows the main app to work; you don't need to do anything special with it.



  5. Only if that structure is visible in Poweramp's Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders.

    It'd be really nice to have a tickbox in the Music Folders screen to allow access to the full (root) directory structure to help out in cases like this where the layout might be non-standard. Obviously a popup would be needed warning that you are about to access system locations and to be sure you know what you are doing.


  6. Sorry, I think what I said was possibly right but a bit too complex...

    Within Poweramp, select "Menu" then "Settings" then "Folders and Library" and finally "Music Folders". That will show you a list of all the folders which Poweramp is allowed to scan to find music.

    I think you may find the list of folders may be duplicated, under general headings with "emulated" or "legacy" in the folder names. If so, you'll find more than one copy of your 'Music' folder (or wherever you store your MP3 files) is ticked. Simply untick the extra folder, so Poweramp is only being asked to look in a single version of the folder.

    Then, still in the "Folders and Library" menu, select "Full Rescan" which should hopefully solve your problem.


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