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  1. You'll have to provide much more information than that if you expect anyone to be able to help you track down your problem. Device, ROM, rooted?, type of files (perhaps an example of such a file sent to the dev?), what you see in the Folders list, etc, etc. However if you've got a refund before even asking for help, it doesn't sound like you're too bothered about doing much to find out what's up (why not use the trial period to see if you like the app before you pay for it???).


  2. Do you mean to view nested folders, rather than as one long list? In that case, go to your folders list and Press Menu (or three-dots-icon) > List Options > View as: Hierarchy.



    what is this wtap? Does that work interchangably ?


    By 'two tap', I mean tap once on the album within the albums list, and then tap on the first song to start it playing. That is an alternative method to long-pressing on the album in the list and then tapping on "Play" from the resulting menu.

    However, to be honest, if you are unable to easily perform any touch operations on your Android device while driving, then I would suggest the problem is not with Poweramp.

    I tend to find that my problem with in-car use is not keeping my finger held on one place on the screen, but having to look at the screen to correctly locate the button/item in the first place.


  4. Thanks Andre!mBut just one question. how do you "tick" a folder?

    Same way as unticking, just press on the little box next to the folder name to toggle the tick on and off.

    Once you've done choosing your folders (click the 'Select Folders' button to finish, or click 'Cancel' to exit without saving your changes) anything with a tick next to it will be scanned, anything without a tick won't be scanned.

    Sorry if I'm not explaining this clearly, but it is the standard way to select/deselect items on any app I've even seen, are you new to Android/smartphones perhaps?

    (Oh, and you don't need to post the exact same question four times in different forum topics. I'll remove the duplicates for you and merge the replies into this topic)


  5. Works fine for me in my car, on a smaller screen than yours (Galaxy S3 sitting on a car mount) - once my finger is pressed onto the screen, friction stops it from moving for long enough (well, unless it's a really bumpy road anyway). But if not, just use the two-tap option.


  6. Click on Poweramp menu's "Settings".

    Then click on "Folders and Library".

    Then click on "Music Folders".


    In the list of folders that is shown, many will probably be ticked, this means Poweramp can scan them all. You untick any folders that you don't want scanned by clicking on the little box next to the folder name, so the tick goes away. That's all really.


    Personally, I find it easier to untick everything (by unticking the very top level) and then re-tick only the folders that I want Poweramp to use. You can use the triangle icons to expand to view the sub-folders if you want to be very specific.



  7. my tablet is fixed to my car, it does not come off while driving. Its built in to the dash ;) Long press is no good for anyone with this set up.



    Sorry, still not understanding why it is possible for you to use normal taps on the screen that built into your dash, but not to long-press (1 second) the same part of the screen?


  8. long press in a car is near imposible unless you mean holding it? There is now way humanly posible to hold out one finger pressed to a screen while not moving away, up or down.

    Yes, long-press as in hold the item for a second or so as opposed to a short tap, then the menu pops up. I don't mean long-press-and-hold while you drag your finger over a list. Try it and see.


  9. In my personal view, if I buy an app (or a program for my PC, etc) I should just be able to simply install it and use it, without any internet connection at all if I wish. All this phoning home that software does these days is just one more irritating thing to potentially go wrong IMHO, and sadly all it really does from a user point of view is push people toward piracy. :(


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