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  1. Did you do a full rescan after you selected which folders you wanted to use? Andre
  2. Loads of ways, I use a program called TagScanner which does batch updates like that very easily. Andre
  3. Sounds perfect to me, and very simple. The iTunes system of using a sidecar file seems needlessly complicated as the extra file might not have been copied along with the MP3 file, which gives me another good reason not to use the stupid thing. I'd suggest making an option as to whether to include your personal email address within the tag though (and if not selected, use a generic Poweramp email address to indicate which program added the tag). The options could be along the lines of: Don't Save Ratings within Music Files Save Ratings within Music Files Save Personal Ratings within Music Files
  4. I assume you could just create m3u files on your PC (make sure any relative paths to the music files will be the same as they will on your tablet - you won't be able to use absolute paths). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U for the format details (you don't need the #commands, just a long list of filenames is also fine). Andre
  5. Or check the MP3 file for various tag types that are used for ratings, and if found use that one. Otherwise use some default format (whatever is most commonly used by other apps... much as it pains me to say it, iTunes compatibility might be best) Andre
  6. Interesting. How well does that interact with bluetooth output and control when Poweramp is also installed? Poweramp normally runs for me when bluetooth connects, as in the car sometimes I'll want to listen to podcasts, sometimes music. Personally I'm not really bothered about all the advanced audiobook stuff, and I otherwise love Poweramp a lot, I just need it to remember where I'd got to when dealing with long audio files (concerts, podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows, etc) and ideally also provide better navigation tools to allow you to move around within such long audio files more easily (sk
  7. Agreed. If you are in rewind mode and you arrive at the start of the track, logicially it makes most sense to continue in rewind mode going backwards from the end of the previous track. [Edit: Just checked, and that's how it works for me on the latest beta, 513. Which version of Poweramp are you using?] Andre
  8. I dunno, it doesn't seem so far off topic to me, it's indirectly related to listening to Poweramp. I still use the freebie earbuds that came with my old HTC phone most of the time (which are much better than the awful ones that came with my Samsung S3). Other than that, it's bluetooth to the car stereo. Andre
  9. Seems like a complete non-issue to me, and not really worth the effort of a poll, but everyone is different so an option can't hurt. Andre
  10. Just press the elapsed time displayed just under the scrub bar (on the left) and it will return to the start of the track. I know, because I keep catching it by accident and when you're part way through a 2 hour audio file, it can be very annoying! You can also use the Settings menu to change the action of the Previous Track button so the first press goes back to the start of the current track, and the next press goes to the previous track. Andre
  11. I think Max said he scales all art to 512x512 (or was it 500x500?) so that would be a good size to aim for. I tend to just 'Save Picture' from the largest coverart image on Amazon. Andre
  12. Have you checked to see that whatever folder path you need is enabled in the Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders menu? Andre
  13. Is the new subfolder ticked for scanning in Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ? Andre
  14. Has anyone bothered to read the sticky on this subject, with details of how to get support on unlocker issues? forum.poweram...urchase-issues/, it's only a couple of posts above this one. Andre
  15. I suspect the problem is something that Max mentioned a while ago, which is that Poweramp scales everything to 500x500 (I think) and then rescales again for the device screen. It's never a good idea to resample/scale images multiple times. Andre
  16. Just make sure your Folders > List Options > View is set to Hierarchy rather than List and you will see the nested folder structure. Andre
  17. Ah, just found it. Neat. I've not seen that before for some reason. Andre
  18. Yes, but won't you also see the full-length WAV (or MP3, or whatever) file itself listed, which would then be picked up during sequential playback, searches, random shuttle play, etc? Andre
  19. Interesting, I've used cue files extensively with WAV files when burning to CD, but I didn't know Poweramp supported them for splitting audio files into sub-tracks. How do you make the CUE file contents show in Poweramp, but not the original full-length MP3 file? Andre
  20. I have remapped the + and - keys on my Galaxy S3 so they act as track advance/back rather than volume (and so double-pressing does album next/prev). It's a fairly simple hack requiring only a text editor to change a a couple of numbers within a text file (as long as your phone is rooted). See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28752382#post28752382 Andre
  21. Erm, I don't think you can. You mean something like a whole CD ripped to a single file, but you want to play shorter segements (such as tracks) from within that long file? Andre
  22. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1826-Poweramp-unlockerpurchase-issues/ Andre
  23. Although I do hate not having a physical keyboard too, I still couldn't drag myself to Blackberry I'm afraid. I rather doubt there will ever be a Poweramp for BB as it's a rapidly dwindling market, but you never know I guess. Andre
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