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  1. I suspect the problem is something that Max mentioned a while ago, which is that Poweramp scales everything to 500x500 (I think) and then rescales again for the device screen. It's never a good idea to resample/scale images multiple times. Andre
  2. Just make sure your Folders > List Options > View is set to Hierarchy rather than List and you will see the nested folder structure. Andre
  3. Ah, just found it. Neat. I've not seen that before for some reason. Andre
  4. Yes, but won't you also see the full-length WAV (or MP3, or whatever) file itself listed, which would then be picked up during sequential playback, searches, random shuttle play, etc? Andre
  5. Interesting, I've used cue files extensively with WAV files when burning to CD, but I didn't know Poweramp supported them for splitting audio files into sub-tracks. How do you make the CUE file contents show in Poweramp, but not the original full-length MP3 file? Andre
  6. I have remapped the + and - keys on my Galaxy S3 so they act as track advance/back rather than volume (and so double-pressing does album next/prev). It's a fairly simple hack requiring only a text editor to change a a couple of numbers within a text file (as long as your phone is rooted). See http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=28752382#post28752382 Andre
  7. Erm, I don't think you can. You mean something like a whole CD ripped to a single file, but you want to play shorter segements (such as tracks) from within that long file? Andre
  8. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/1826-Poweramp-unlockerpurchase-issues/ Andre
  9. Although I do hate not having a physical keyboard too, I still couldn't drag myself to Blackberry I'm afraid. I rather doubt there will ever be a Poweramp for BB as it's a rapidly dwindling market, but you never know I guess. Andre
  10. Select Library (rather than Folders) and then you should see Albums as one of the operating modes. Andre
  11. Of course the real answer here is to provide an option to store the ratings info (and album art come to that) inside tags within the MP3 files themselves (I'd suggest an overwrite prompt for cover images though). That way it's there forever, and you can even copy the music back to other devices with the data intact. Andre
  12. I've seen something similar, but only once in a blue moon and I put it down to finger trouble on my part at the time (and yes, this would have been with longer files). Andre
  13. Nor me, I've actually often wondered what it could be useful for. It's got to be a trivial bit of code, but I can't for the life of me think why I'd want to repeat some random bit of one song which could only be relatively coarsely selected anyway. Andre
  14. I just copy my files from the various Music folders on my PC into my music folders on my phone via the desktop - just drag and drop. And if you are re-ripping your music, might it not be better to just rip them to standard MP3 format files? Andre
  15. It was available on my very first CD player back in... oh, the mid 80s? Andre
  16. Yeah, just use M3U format. At its simplest, each playlist is basically just a single text file which contains a list of filenames to play (with optional folder paths, if you want to use folders). It'd be best to use relative paths (i.e. paths which are based from the same location that you've stored the .m3u file) so the playlist is more portable between your phone and your PC. If you use absolute paths (e.g. "C:\Users\yourname\Music\filename.mp3" then you're more locked to a single device's folder structure. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3U for more info on the optional extra features you can use, but it really is a very simple and widely-supported format. I don't think you can modify .m3u playlist files from within Poweramp's own playback screens, but any text editor will allow you to change it easily. Andre
  17. A repeat mode where you set the in and out points within one track, and it keeps playing that section. Andre
  18. I (and a number of others) have been asking for a couple of years for features to help better navigate through longer audio tracks, but never really seem to get any firm promises of what is being done to support these sorts of issues. They effect people who listen to all kinds of music and audio - concerts, classical music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio shows, etc. Not all music comes in neat little 4 minute chunks. For example, I'm listening to a 2.5 hour concert recording at the moment, and I'm kinda scared of pressing anything in case I miss the button and accidentally skip to a different track and have to try to find my place again (which would be nigh on impossible). I hear people asking for spectrum analyser visualisations and goodness knows what, and find myself wishing that really basic navigation problems could be addressed before looking at bells, whistles and frills. Andre
  19. Sounds like a great idea for a plug-in to me, giving all sorts of options to make, save and manage playlists. Andre
  20. Max's blog post is at: http://powerampapp.com/2012/09/3-years-of-Poweramp/ My thanks to Max too, I can't believe I've been using Poweramp for almost three years now (I was one of the fairly early adopters). It's a great product, and I use it for several hours daily. Andre
  21. Is there a timescale on this by the way? Next beta release perhaps, or longer? To be honest, as much as I love Poweramp, it is getting more and more frustrating trying to navigate my way through tracks these days. For example I was trying to find where I'd got to within a 90 minute show on the way to work this morning. The seek bar is really no use for longer tracks, it's far too coarse - and the press-and-hold ffwd/frew function is difficult too, as if you press it for too short a time in order to try to move a short distance back, it skips to a different track and you're right back at square one again. I had actually arrived at work before I found my place. This really does need addressing soon - and ideally within the main app rather than as a plug-in. Andre
  22. Excellent, so when I'm looking though my folders list, I'll just be able to select a context menu option of "Exclude folder from Shuffle". Sounds perfect, can't wait! Will it include any sub-folders too by the way? (For example, if I exclude my "Podcasts" folder, will it also exclude anything from the dozen or so sub-folders in there also?) Andre
  23. Not sure if this is a bug, an undocumented feature or a feature request. I always use Poweramp in Folders mode, but when I search for something and then select to play a title from the search results, Poweramp switches my playback mode to Songs. I think it should stay in the user's chosen mode. Actually, when that happens and I get stuck in Song or Album mode, how DO I change back to Folders mode without causing the currently-playing song to be stopped? Andre
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