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  1. but this method is difficult because it's easy to miss and instead skip to a different part of that song, especially on smaller screens.

    Absolutely! I find the other way a problem too - navigating around long tracks with that tiny thin seek bar means I regularly find myself in the list view by mistake, or worse I press the lower-left area which goes back to the start of the track.

    We really need a skin editor sooner rather than later, as then we could fix all these things by tweaking the interface a bit.


  2. Yeah Max is seriously busy, so much that he doesn't get back to me for a few days (too many customers asking him for help, new features, payment issues)

    He says he'll implement this though, so now worries, it's coming in 2.1 update

    Great news about these features being added to 2.1 - I'm really looking forward to that.

    Sounds like Max really needs to offload things like payment issues, general help, etc onto a paid employee so he can concentrate on the core work (which is what brings the new users in, and generates more revenue).


  3. Buying the unlocker is done via the android marketplace (or Google Play or whatever daft name they are calling it now) so it will be specific to the Google account which your phone was logged into at the time. You should not have been able to log in to the marketplace if your email had a typo and your username/password would not have been accepted.

    Otherwise, you just need to wait for a direct reply to your email, as I don't think as registration issues are supported here on the forums. There is also a support option within the preview version of the software which will send them diagnostic info.


  4. You don't want to send the actual MP3 files to your bluetooth headset, you just want to pair the headset so you can listen to the stereo audio that is being streamed from the phone via the A2DP bluetooth connection. As you say, you can probably only have one device sending bluetooth audio to your headphones at any one time though.


  5. I'll talk to max about this feature :) since everyone seems to want it.

    Thanks Wen, that'd be much appreciated by quite a number of people it seems. We're not asking for Poweramp to become a dedicated Audiobook or Podcast player, but just a simple option to remember the last playback positions for those types of file would be great (and ideally also an option to exclude those same same files from random shuffled lists - a one-hour podcast appearing in the middle of randomly-played songs seems a bit odd!)

    (I still miss the old days when Max was in here all the time checking feedback, but I guess he can't keep up with forums and also write software at the same time!)


  6. Select replay and keep clicking it till it says folder replay.... I do the same thing at night too!

    I've not seen that option - do you mean "Repeat List", which is what I use for that feature? (although I actually do wish the wording would say "Repeat Folder" when you're playing files using 'Folder' mode, it'd be more intuitive that way)


  7. Agreed.


    And sadly rather expecting to be ignored again.

    Max, please could you comment on this simple request for the basic ability to retain the last-playback position for long tracks, it keeps on coming up time and time again!

    I've been listening to a 2-hour audio track on my way to work over the last couple of days and it was a complete and utter pain trying to get Poweramp back to the right place to continue listening for each journey. A resume-long-tracks or a resume-if-from-a-specific-folder should be easy enough to implement internally within Poweramp (so no external technical Android issues why not) and obviously an awful lot of people want this as an option for all sorts of different track types - podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, classical music, etc.



  8. Please everyone, read the sticky in the post right above yours! If you quote your email addresses in open forums, just expect a lot of spam.


    We do not provide support for paid Poweramp Unlocker or any purchase issues on this (public) forum. Please contact Poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com for the support - such support requires sensitive private information (order numbers, names, emails, etc.), which is not appropriate for public forum.

    The best way to do it is to use Get Support in Poweramp License Dialog - it generates an email with technical data that helps greatly with the problem identification/resolution.


  9. This has been asked repeatedly by many people (me included) but so far there has not even been the courtesy of an answer, let alone an indication that it might be implemented at some point.

    Max, please could you comment on this, or one of the other threads asking the same thing? Just a simple "remember last played position" feature for podcasts, radio shows, audiobooks, or any other long audio files would be very welcome indeed. Thanks.


  10. Instead I would suggest the option to add a folder in which audiobooks are stored. We could then set i.e. the "Podcasts & Audiobooks" folder as such in PA and the program would know it should handle those files accordingly.

    That would work very well too, and would also be pretty easy to implement (maybe something as simple as a ".spokenword" file in any folder you wanted to be treated as containing podcast/radioshow/audiobook files). It's important that any such feature should not be for audiobooks specifically though, as Max has already said he does not intend to make Poweramp an audiobook-friendly player. It needs to be broadly for any spoken word files, of which there are many different types.

    I do like the jump forward/backward option too - I've been asking for that feature for ages though, as it's far more useful than the hold-for-fastforward (or backward) facility when listening to any type of audio (music, radio, whatever). I suggested 30 secs forward and 10 secs backward (for quick recaps) I think.


  11. Hi Max,

    I know you've said before that Poweramp isn't really an audiobook player, which is fair enough, but many users are also using Poweramp to play podcasts and radio shows which have much the same sort of navigation issues.

    There are two really simple little features which would go a long way to alleviating the problems that Poweramp currently has with either of those two audio formats:

    1) Add an option to exclude very long audio files from shuffled/random playback lists. I would suggest making the length user-definable, but if you just want to make it a simple on/off tickbox then I'd suggest about 10 minutes would be an appropriate value.

    2) Add an option to store the current playback position for any long audio files, so that when something else has been played in the meantime, going back to the original track will automatically re-commence at the last-played position. Again, a user-definable value would be nice, but 10 minutes or so should be fine by default.

    These two very simple options would be a massive improvement on usability versus the current way that podcasts and other spoken-word files are handled, but without impacting in any way on music playback performance.

    I would be grateful if you could consider these two additions as at least a small nod toward the many people who have asked for variants of these features in the past, and thank you for all the hard work you put into this application.


  12. Well thank you so much for your input 'New User'.

    Storing at least the 'last-played' position for longer tracks (whether those be classic music, podcasts or audiobooks) is a pretty basic need as the current navigation tools are rather clumsy for anything beyond fairly short songs. Also the option to skip those sort of tracks from shuffle lists would be very useful too. But I agree that there's no need to make Poweramp a full audiobook player per se.

    Nice to know you are happy in your world anyway though.

    Kind Regards,


    (very experienced user, and long-time beta-tester)

  13. Could you be so kind as to provide the location of the Chinese sub-forum nand thread?!

    That's what I just said, a Chinese language sub-forum is needed, like the other language sub-forums that the site already has.

    Not condemming anyone, just saying this is starting to clog up an English-language support forum, that's all.


  14. How stupid is that. The WHOLE reason I decided to down go the Android route rather than iPhone was the proper tactile buttons, physical keyboard options, etc. I ideally want to keep Home, Back and Menu (not bothered about Search) away from the capacitive screen completely if possible, as I keep hitting the bottom on the screen rather than the buttons. Such functions certainly don't belong near the top of the screen cluttered up around information icons.


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