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  1. Importing System Playlists means ones used in other Android music apps, not Windows playlists. Playlists found in Poweramp's scannable folders should be loaded automatically when you do a scan or rescan.

    Do some import but not others? Sometimes the problem can be the folder structure on Android is different to your Windows folder layout.


  2. In all honesty, your safest bet would be to use a (rooted) recovery facility like ClockworkMod to make a full backup of the whole phone so you can restore the old OS safely and quickly if the 5.0 upgrade goes wrong for you. Titanium Backup can save and restore individual apps and their data, but I don't know how well the non-rooted version does with this task (I only use rooted devices).


  3. Really dont understand why you wouldnt...

    Because it is an Android app developed by one person, how exactly do you expect him to code an entirely new piece of software for a new operating system when there aren't even enough hours in the day to complete the work on the long-awaited v3 update to the existing package yet?

    Unless you'd like to volunteer to write it?


  4. Yes, a tag editor will adjust the actual MP3 file tag contents. It might be easier to copy the files to the PC first and process them there before copying them back, but you could also work on the phone's storage via a USB cable if you want.


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