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  1. I actually use them a lot, and the behaviour of starting any new album (whether going forward or backward through the list) at the beginning of that album makes perfect sense to me. What you seem to be asking for is a 'go back to previously played track' option (a bit like an Undo feature) which I agree would be very useful. Andre
  2. I agree, the Android "Listen To" voice command should result in something playing without any further button pressing (assuming there is a good match for the search of course). Andre
  3. Not true. Both HTC and Samsung headset cables provide three-button controls for Play/Pause, Forward and Back (although Samsung software uses them for Play/Pause, Vol+ and Vol- by default, but that's easily changed though). Given that those two manufacturers make up the vast majority of Android phone sales now, I'd suggest this is now the de facto standard for Android headset cables. The internal electrical design is a little different from Apple's implementation though, which is why iPhone headsets don't work correctly for track control when used on Android devices. Andre
  4. Personally, I wouldn't find it useful - and it'd change tracks for me every time I drove over a bumpy road or a cattle-grid. But as an option I'm sure it'd be handy for some people. Andre
  5. Silly question, but can you not just use plain old .m3u playlist files, which don't get altered by Poweramp and should be automatically re-imported on rescans? Andre
  6. That works for me already. I just tick 'MusicFolders' and the contents of all 200+ subfolders and sub-subfolders are loaded. Andre
  7. This has been asked many times, and hopefully better long-file support is coming in version 3. Max/Wen, is there a general outline of what is planned to be implemented in this area, and how you see it working from an end-user point of view? For the record, I would suggest something along the following lines: A new 'Long Audio Track Options' submenu in the 'Folders and Library' category (or could be called 'Audiobooks/Podcasts/Spoken Word'). This should contain: Folders List <--- This would display a folder tree showing all the currently selected MusicFolders, with tickboxes to chose which of these folders should be treated specially as containing 'long tracks' (or whatever the term eventually becomes). Nested folders should auto-select with the parent folder. Genres <--- A list of genres to always treat as 'long tracks', with tickboxes beside each one (e.g. 'Audiobook', 'Podcast', 'Radio', 'Spoken Word', etc). This could probably be simplified to a Yes/No option actually, covering all of the common genres in one go. Track Length <--- Selects the number of minutes that any random track needs to be in order to also be considered as a 'long track'. Skip Tracks in Shuffle mode? (Y/N) <--- The requested feature above, i.e. to skip podcasts/audiobooks/etc when listing to random music in Shuffle mode. Remember Previous Playback Positions? (Y/N) <--- As a lot of these tracks can be several hours long, allows the user to go off and listen to something else in the meantime and then come back to any podcast/audiobook exactly where they left off. Have I missed anything obvious that people might want? (I also think new Skip Back <nnn> Seconds and Skip Forward <nnn> Seconds options should be available for all songs, rather than only for audiobook/podcasts, although they will be most useful for these longer formats). Just my $0.02 anyway, hope it's useful. Andre
  8. I'd like to have an option for the sleep timer to be an inactivity timer, so it can turn off 30 mins after last Poweramp button press. Andre
  9. I think the OP was asking for an API interface, whereby another app can send a request to Poweramp for it to trigger a rescan. Might be best to ask this in the API forum to be honest. Andre
  10. Q1: Sounds like a bug, Poweramp is meant to remember the playback position within the current track, even if you exit the app, lock the phone and come back later. It does that for me anyway, and I listen to a lot of long radio/podcasts too. Otherwise, trying to get back to 1h 10m 30s within a two-hour show is an absolute nightmare! Make sure you Pause (short press on the button) rather than Stop (long press) playback though. Q2: I wish, I wish, I wish... I've suggested numerous times that we need Skip Forward and Skip Backward buttons (30 secs for forward and 10 secs for backward would be my suggestion, but it'd be even better to have user-settable options for both skip distances). We've also asked Max for generally better long-track support in the future, so that Poweramp could store the playback positions of all such tracks. That way you could pause any radio show or podcast, listen to some other music in the meantime, and then go back to where you left off. We've also requested an option to remove podcasts/radio shows/audiobooks from the Shuffle system, as when you're listening to random music you don't really want a one-hour podcast, or a random chapter of an audiobook, to suddenly get selected. Andre
  11. Nice idea, I'd like that option too - so that when Bluetooth (or the wired headset come to that) is set to start playback when connected, the main player interface loads too. I too keep having to unlock the phone and press the Poweramp button when I get in the car, it'd be great to automate that. Andre
  12. It's nice when it turns out to be something simple and easily fixable. Andre
  13. That's not currently an option (other than by making a playlist or folder with a single song in it, and turning Advance List off). However Max said he's going to implement it in a future version. See http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3196-single-play/ Andre
  14. Also, what view and sort mode are you using? You can choose lots of different ways for Poweramp to categorise and sort your music. Andre
  15. Quite likely I suspect. I do flip to over Library occasionally though (for checking Recent Files and also Playlists) Andre
  16. !!! I use the Folders option all the time, couldn't get along without it! Andre
  17. Maybe worth starting a wiki, and get some user input to help create the bare bones and start to flesh something out? Andre
  18. Poweramp is not a music copying or file management program, it's an audio player. You can do multiple file copies in any file manager, but I really wouldn't recommond Bluetooth if you can help it as it's pretty slow. Use wi-fi or a USB connection. Andre
  19. Your M3U playlist file can be anywhere (as long at Poweramp has the location ticked in its Music Folders list) but if you do use a different location then you need to specify the paths for each MP3 file listed (as there is no 'default' folder location configurable in the M3U format). Andre
  20. Such as on a plane during an 18-hour flight for example - not really when you want your purchased music player to decide it wants to phone home! Or when using a wifi-only tablet and you're nowhere near a wi-fi hotspot. Once installed/activated, it should really never enforce a re-check. Andre
  21. I've just been looking into this, and as I never use playlists I'd forgotten that Poweramp supports M3U playlists too, which would solve your problem. If Poweramp finds any M3U files within your music folders during a scan, they will appear as playlists inside the Library>Playlists area. An M3U playlist can be as simple as a plain text file with just a list of filenames in it, each one on a new line. These can be just your basic MP3 filenames (in which case those music files are assumed to be located in the same folder as the M3U file) or include either relative path information (i.e. folders from where you placed the M3U file) or absolute paths. Windows Media Player (spit) playlists are stored as .WPL files, which are an XML-based format. It should be easy enough to edit one to make a simple list of filenames using any old text editor (a quick bit of seach-and-replace will remove the XML stuff) and then save the result to a new name with an .m3u extension. Whether you want to use paths or keep everything in the same folder is up to you (a single folder might be easiest to manage if you need to do this regularly). Andre
  22. Are Poweramp playlists stored in separate files (like Windows playlists), or within a database? If a separate file it might be possible to write a simple convertor, but you'd need to know your own folder/file structure fairly well. [Edit: I tried to create a playlist in Poweramp and can't find an associated file of the same name anywhere, so I assume it must be stored in the database] Andre
  23. LOL, I know - but it's the audio transmission format for UK terrestrial digital TV (which also carries radio channels). I prefer to demux the audio directly from the stream rather than re-converting it to MP3, as it won't get any better that way. As I say, Poweramp plays the files fine, it just doesn't bother looking for the MP2 file extenders when doing a scan. Andre (did you get my reply to your PM by the way?)
  24. Silly little request, but please could you add ".mp2" to the list of file extensions that are recognised by the Poweramp file scanner? The decoder engine already plays these files perfectly (they're just an earlier version of MP3) but I currently need to rename them as ".mp3" to make the scanner find them, which is a bit of a pain in terms of syncing with my PC. (They come from demuxed UK digital TV/radio rips by the way, in case you're wondering, and I have quite a lot a radio shows in this format) Thanks, Andre
  25. I'd agree with ignoring any articles for sorting purposes ("A", "An", "The") but not with putting numbers last, they should come first IMHO. Andre
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