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  1. Seems about normal to me - sorts by numbers first, then alpha sorted text (with articles such as "The", "A", ignored). What ordering would you prefer? Andre
  2. You need to pair your Bluetooth speakers (or headset, car stereo, etc) to your phone first, via the general Android connectivity settings, requesting stereo ("A2DP") playback support if it asks. Then, whenever your Bluetooth device is connected, any audio playback should get automatically directed to it. The Bluetooth settings within Poweramp are more to do with how the app responds to reconnections (auto resume of playback, etc) and button presses on the Bluetooth device, but nothing will function at all until you have initially paired your phone with the headset/speakers. Andre
  3. Isn't there already an option for that meaningless Android three-dots icon to be visible or hidden? Personally I hate it, and have it hidden wherever possible, as it's just more visual clutter to get pressed by accident. It isn't needed on any device with a proper hardware menu button (and having separated/hardware keys is a make-or-break decision for me when buying a device). I still think that pressing Menu within a Menu is counter-intuitive though - why would a menu have its own separate menu? People won't spot it there. Andre
  4. It shouldn't ask to re-authenticate so soon, as long as the first one passed. (It should be checked within a day of installing the app) In fact, assuming the first one passed OK, then it shouldn't need to re-check the license at all (unless you uninstall/reinstall app, install new ROMs, reset the system, etc) Andre
  5. Use the Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders option to select just the folders which contain music that you want, and remove any folders which contain other stuff that you don't want scanned. Andre
  6. I don't think things like song ratings and album art are included within the exported data at present, it's just for Poweramp configuration settings. Andre
  7. I'd take that as a 'no' then. You might be able to use the Replay Gain feature to help though, but that won't match everything in a Playlist for example. Andre
  8. That would work yes, but I don't know whether Google Music includes much metadata within the actual downloaded files. Poweramp doesn't use .nomedia files, it's valid scan locations are governed by the Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders list. Andre
  9. I'd like that facility to choose too. Andre
  10. Yes, Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI, and adjust the various settings in there to your preference. Andre
  11. Can you use a virtual path, or copy your music into a more logical location (in a folder at the root level of your SD Card for example)? Andre
  12. I rather like the background image too, but obviously a lot of users want the option to disable it and see the current plain background instead (which may be black, or may be other colour depending on skins of course). Andre
  13. Google doesn't really want you getting at the files easily. There are apps around that will move/rename them, but it's not a very convenient solution. Andre
  14. I use Poweramp's own menu system, rather than the Android action bar one. I press the (physical) menu button on my phone and up pops a nice big set of menu options, not too hard to select while driving. Andre
  15. Yes, that will shuffle all of the songs within the current list first, then move on to the next List (Playlist, Album, folder, whatever) and shuffle those songs. Andre
  16. I'd prefer it to be visible at the top level of the Settings menu to be honest, in a new "Import/Export" section. The Playlist import/export functions could be moved there too, to make everything easier to find and more obvious for new users, along with your requested "Reset to Default Settings" option. Pressing Menu within a Menu is somewhat counter-intuitive. Andre
  17. Nothing to do with protocol, more to do with expecting an answer within a few hours. You can set EQ settings per song or per Album, is that maybe what you did? Otherwise, changing the general setting should stick when you move to the next song. Andre
  18. It's the subtle black drop-shadow effect which surrounds the edge of the album art. Andre
  19. Not at present, there is no support for artist images, only song/album images. Andre
  20. Please see the FAQs at the top of the forums list, or email poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com. Make sure you have the correct email address still registered in your phone. You could try downloading the latest version (APK file) from the first post in the Common Talk forum too. Andre
  21. Please use the Get Support button inside the app, or email poweramp.maxmpz(at)gmail.com, or see the FAQs on the subject at the top of the forums list. It's best not to post your email address or personal details on a public forum. Andre
  22. "Don't Add Duplicates" only refers to adding songs to Playlists, not library scanning. Please also see support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323524-duplicated-folders-songs Andre
  23. Sorry I can't help you more, but this is a programming issue that the developer needs to address. As a simple forum moderator I can really only help out with how to use the current version of the app, I can't write you different features. Andre
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