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  1. I'm using a 64GB SanDisk card on my Note 3 with no such issues - although I only have about 30MB of music on the card at the moment. Have either of you managed to get any logfile data of these crashes (CatLog is the easiest way to do that)? Andre
  2. I use TagScanner on my PC, which works well for me. Andre
  3. If Poweramp still lists all your songs, could you add them all to a Playlist (even though it won't play of course) and then export that list to an M3U file? If you view in Folders/Hierarchy mode you should be able to do it fairly quickly by adding the highest level folders (as it'd take ages to do it song by song). Andre
  4. Several of those are already supported, enabling/hiding Repeat/Rating/Shuffle is an option in Settings > Lock Screen, as is show/hide Date/Time and show/hide Status Bar. Andre
  5. "Too many files failed" is nothing to do with the license, it's indicating that for some reason a number of the music files you are trying to play cannot be read. Andre
  6. Sounds excessive to me, unless you've got a really massive amount of data or a very slow phone anyway. I've just upgraded to a 64GB SD Card on my Note 3, and I've currently got around 40GB used at the moment, and the Music Folders list displays in about 2 seconds. Andre
  7. No, it's for testing for forum users first, see the top post in the Common Talk forum for a download link. Andre
  8. If you use the Delete option from within a Playlist (or from the Player UI while playing a playlist) then that item will be removed from the playlist, NOT deleted from the SD Card. If you are playing a song directly (e.g. in Folder, Album, etc. modes) then it will be deleted from the SD Card (after prompting). You can turn the file delete function off completely if you wish via Settings > Look and Feel > General. You can easily add whole albums (or artists, folders, genres, etc) to a Playlist - just longpress on the album title and select 'Add to Playlist' from the pop up menu, and either add it to an existing list or create a new one. No, you can't currently multi-delete items from in-memory Playlists at the moment. If you'd like to leave a more specific, and less abusive, message asking for that feature then I'm sure if would be given more consideration. From the Player UI (the top level screen of the app) you are correct that the Back button exits from the app - much like most other Android apps do, in fact. If your pitch is changing mid-track, that sounds like a bug - could you report the full details of exactly what happens in the bugs forum please. I too have a number of music management requests which I'd love to get fulfilled, and perhaps in time they will be if I don't harangue and insult the people who would be doing the work for me. However if you'd feel happier going back to an iPhone, please go ahead. Have a good time ranting in their forums instead. Andre
  9. Just to eliminate the possibility, could you try with the new Poweramp build 556 that was released for downloading from the forum today? Thanks. [Edit Added 23-May] It may be too early to confirm, but during my 50 minute drive to work today I didn't notice any odd playback glitches at all in the file I was listening to (Note 3 stock KitKat ROM, rooted, via Bluetooth) Andre
  10. You can, but don't forget that playlist files usually contain full directory path information to identify the music files, which will not be the same on your PC as they are your phone, so you might need to edit the playlist file in a basic text editor to make it work on your phone (although Poweramp does try to work out the correct path for you). For example, on my PC a given file may be in the location: M:\TV, Films & Shows\Doctor Who\Doctor Who - Series 1+2\01-14 Rose's Theme.mp3 Whereas on my phone it is located in: /mnt/extSdCard/Music Folders/TV/Doctor Who/01-14 Rose's Theme.mp3 A bit of global Search & Replace might quickly fix that though. Andre
  11. Have you asked the Media Monkey support people? Poweramp's own playlists should work fine in Poweramp, and also M3U or CUE files you build yourself, but there's no guarantee that any particular third-party playlist will work (does it even use the same directory path structure for example?). You could upload one of Media Monkey's playlist files here if you want someone to comment on it. Andre
  12. I'd use Wi-Fi if I were you, Edge is not up to the task really. Andre
  13. It is now optional, was added a few versions ago. See Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > Hide Unknown Album. Andre
  14. You can put the art into the folder (e.g. as Cover.jpg, AlbumArt.jpg, etc) but as you have said there are some possible issues within Library mode with different albums having the exact same title as each other. It might be worth using the album titles such as "ABBA Greatest Hits", "Genesis Greatest Hits", etc rather than calling them all just "Greatest Hits". Andre
  15. You can, as long as both devices are using the same account (either the gmail account for Google Play, or your regular email account, depending on how it was purchased). Andre
  16. I've been noticing the same issue with build 555 (maybe earlier, not too sure); very tiny glitches (I'm guessing they are fraction-of-a-second silences). I've noticed this mostly when listening to longer tracks via Bluetooth in the car. I wound back a bit a few times and listened to the same sections again and the glitch was not present at the same point the second tine, so it wasn't in the track itself. Galaxy Note 3, stock KitKat ROM. Andre
  17. If you are talking about the thumbnails shown in the top-level Folders view, then I see the same result on my Note 3 with build 555 - all of the artwork displayed to the left of the folder title is always shown stretched to fill the square box, rather than using any original rectangular ratios. When you drill down to see the folder's contents, the same image (now shown at the top-left) is now shown at the correct ratio. Andre
  18. I gave in and rooted my new Galaxy Note 3 yesterday (Knox, shmox) and added that extra permissions line into platform.xml, and I can confirm it works perfectly now. (Do make sure you keep a backup of the original file if you are going to do this yourself, just in case) I have also edited my Note's keylayout file to give me NextTrack and PreviousTrack control via my wired headset's second and third buttons, instead of the default volume up/down functions, which was the other reason I found I really needed to root the device. Andre
  19. I must admit I only ever use Folders mode for regular playback, as it gives me more direct control over everything. In fact one of the reasons I went with Android rather than iPhone is that I like to be in control of how things work on my devices, not be told by the operating system how I should do things. Andre
  20. I see what you are saying, if you sort by genre first then that eliminates a load of 'artists' (of audiobooks) which you don't want to have to browse through when looking for a music band from a small list of music artists. You could achieve this using folders rather than tags, although it would be slightly different to the way you work now. Put your music into suitable folders and sub folders inside your overall Music Folder - e.g: /Audiobooks /Science Fiction /Crime /Horror /etc /Rock Music /Jethro Tull /Black Sabbath /etc /Folk Music /Albion Band /Steeleye Span /Fairport Convention /etc Then browse/play your songs using Folders mode, with Hierarchy View. Not exactly what you want, but it should do for now (but it does limit you to a single 'genre' value for each track, as they can only be inside one folder) Andre
  21. Yup, "Settings" > "Look and Feel" > "General" > "<< Button Resets Current Track". Andre
  22. Still not sure why you don't use Genre when you want to browse genres, and Artist when you want to browse artists... maybe not exactly what you are looking for but it should work for now. But I agree that more flexible multi-layered sorting would be a great idea for the future. Andre
  23. May be a silly question, but why not just select Jethro Tull from the artists list, rather than genres? Andre
  24. Correct, Google decided that in KitKat, an existing rule should be enforced to make external SD Cards read-only for all regular apps (apart from within their own very specific data directory). See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/326024-can-t-edit-delete-files-on-sd-card-android-4-4 for more info. Andre
  25. Yes it can, not sure how they've done it but as a file manager program they've managed to work around Google's new restrictions. Andre
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