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  1. I have 40GB of music on my SD Card and that works fine. Andre
  2. While it doesn't help you now, there are lots of ways to root Galaxy S4 and S5 phones over on XDA. I don't know Max's timeline for implementing writing of star ratings directly into MP3 file tags, but IMHO that would be the best long-term answer. Any independent database solution stands the risk of getting lost during upgrades, re-installs, etc. Andre
  3. Sorry, for some reason from earlier in the thread I assumed you were using the latest forum downloaded versions. Yes, downloading new beta versions will just update the app, should not change any settings/etc. And a new build 557 was uploaded today incidentally. Glad it's working for you again now. Andre
  4. Poweramp doesn't support any sort of chaptering within audio files as far as I am aware (apart from when using CUE files). It would indeed be handy though, index points within long podcasts would be a real plus. In the meantime, although not ideal for regularly downloaded new material, why not convert the files to regular MP3 audio rather than being forced into the Apple-dictated world? Or do what I do, which is to download all my podcasts from their source RSS feeds - I won't let iTunes anywhere near my computers. Andre
  5. I think we really need to get Max to look into this as a possible bug then, as something is obviously going wrong for you. Have you submitted an in-app report via the Get Support>Contact option by the way? Andre
  6. It seems very odd - there's nothing unusual about the tags in your music files I assume (odd languages, different character sets, anything which might not be easily searchable?) Andre
  7. Same here, all of my music files are stored locally, in the folder structure I defined for them. I just don't trust cloud-based systems enough as yet. Sure they are getting there, but mobile connectivity is just not good enough yet - especially on the move (for example, have you tried listening to your cloud-based music when you are actually in the clouds on an aircraft without internet?). That's not to say it wouldn't be a nice feature of course, just not one I would personally use. Andre
  8. No, that probably won't be it, Google won't block that sort of traffic on its own, you'd need to have installed a rooted adblocker which modifies the hosts file. Andre
  9. Have you tried adjusting the settings in the equaliser, and also checked the Replay Gain settings. Andre
  10. Very odd... and this is on a wi-fi connection? You don't have any sort of aggressive ad-blocker that could be getting in the way do you? Andre
  11. So you still see NO album art and none will download when you long-press on the cover image in the player screen? Just want to be sure of your exact problem as several people have been posting in this thread. Andre
  12. Try moving you music (or at least some of it) to your device's internal memory and see if you get the same problem when you change the Music Folders selection to play from there only. Andre
  13. When an album finished and stops (assuming you don't have Advance List enabled) then I would expect the default behaviour upon pressing Play to play the NEXT album in order. Andre
  14. Skins are mostly made by third-party developers. There are hundreds out there on Google Play, but I haven't seen anyone make a simplified one for in-car use yet. Andre
  15. And you can also export the internal playlists to files, and then edit them externally in a text editor, which is better from a backup point of view too. Andre
  16. Yes, that's how WMP works too - you just need to be aware of the possibility of path details being different on different devices, although Poweramp will do its best to work it out for you. Andre
  17. Not at present, no. Playlist manipulation features are fairly basic at the moment. Andre
  18. Sorry for your problems, but I think you are being unrealistic in expecting to clean install an app on a completely new device and magically see the exact same settings/etc that were on your old phone. There are various export options in Poweramp to save all of your internal playlists, and also now all of your general music settings, to your local SD card so you can later import them into another device - but you obviously need to have done that BEFORE you get rid of the old device. Like any other form of backup, it's only useful if you actually do it before the problem occurs rather than afterwards. Andre
  19. I'm using a 64GB SanDisk card on my Note 3 with no such issues - although I only have about 30MB of music on the card at the moment. Have either of you managed to get any logfile data of these crashes (CatLog is the easiest way to do that)? Andre
  20. I use TagScanner on my PC, which works well for me. Andre
  21. If Poweramp still lists all your songs, could you add them all to a Playlist (even though it won't play of course) and then export that list to an M3U file? If you view in Folders/Hierarchy mode you should be able to do it fairly quickly by adding the highest level folders (as it'd take ages to do it song by song). Andre
  22. Several of those are already supported, enabling/hiding Repeat/Rating/Shuffle is an option in Settings > Lock Screen, as is show/hide Date/Time and show/hide Status Bar. Andre
  23. "Too many files failed" is nothing to do with the license, it's indicating that for some reason a number of the music files you are trying to play cannot be read. Andre
  24. Sounds excessive to me, unless you've got a really massive amount of data or a very slow phone anyway. I've just upgraded to a 64GB SD Card on my Note 3, and I've currently got around 40GB used at the moment, and the Music Folders list displays in about 2 seconds. Andre
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