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  1. Long-press on the album art (shown in the Player screen) and Poweramp will search online for different images for you. Andre
  2. So, between all the vitriol, could you tell us what device you actually DO have, you seem to have missed that bit out? Andre
  3. Did you download the correct version for your device from the first post in the Common Talk forum here? That should install (in trial mode to start with) whether or not you have paid for a licence. Andre
  4. I use EAC for my audio ripping (with LAME as my MP3 compressor) and the resulting files are all recognised fine in Poweramp, so I don't think EAC itself is your problem. In case there's something odd about the ID3 tags, have you tried updating some of the problem files using something like TagScanner? Andre
  5. This is an unfortunate change that Google enforced with KitKat (4.4.2), see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/326024-can-t-edit-delete-files-on-sd-card-android-4-4. You can correct it easily enough if your phone has root access though (just add one simple permission line to a system text file). Andre
  6. Not sure why you should feel scammed, I don't think copying Windows Media Player playlists from your PC was an advertised feature? If the files and playlist are all in the same directory, try removing the "..\" from the start of each filename as the two dots mean to look in the parent directory, which is not where your music is located on your Android filesystem. Or put the playlist file into a subdirectory, for example called "playlists", which would make the path reference correct. Andre
  7. Not at present, no. There is a FAQ on this site though, and there is an internal help system within the app itself. I think the original idea was that it would be pretty much self-explanatory, but since then it kinda grew! Andre
  8. Somewhere in your Android device settings pages or Volume screen, it varies by device. It's a system thing not a Poweramp limit. Andre
  9. Max can confirm the actual limit, but as long as you're using the same Google gmail account you can download and install the unlocker on several devices at once. Andre
  10. Are the music files visible within the Poweramp Library, but not in the Playlists? If not, make sure that all the folders which contain your music files and Playlists are ticked within the Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders list. If they are all visible in the Library, then it's probably a directory path issue. The same music file will be located within a different folder structure on your PC compared to your Android device. For example, ABBA's Mamma Mia on your PC might be stored as: C:\Users\yourusername\Music\ABBA\Mamma Mia.mp3 and on your Android device as something like: /storage/extSdCard/Music/ABBA/Mamma Mia.mp3 So after you've saved out your WMP playlist.m3u file, have a quick look at it in a simple text editor and change any reference which look like "C:\Users\yourname\Music\..." to "/storage/extSdCard/Music/..." (just use a global search and replace to do it in one go) and then see if Poweramp can then find the songs. You can use relative paths in m3u files by the way, but that makes the resulting playlist dependent on being in the same relative location on both file systems. Oh, and "/" and "\" are accepted interchangeably as folder/file separators in playlists for both file systems, although "/" is officially the correct format for Android. Andre
  11. IF it is a bad block there are several things you could try. First, if you have enough space, copy your files onto your device's internal memory and try scanning/playing from there. If not, copy everything from your memory card to a PC (and make sure that it's all there!) then try scanning the memory card in the PC for bad blocks. I think the command-line programs chkdsk or scandisk should help you. Finally, reformat your memory card in the PC (using FAT32 - and select Full, not Quick formatting) and then copy everything back again. If you have any bad data areas, that should deal with them. I'm not sure of the easiest way to force a Full format on an Android device, but there will be an app to do it. Andre
  12. The latest updates are available from these forums first, try the one you can download from the first Pinned post in the Common Talk forum (http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/forum/3-common-talk/). Andre
  13. No, just use Folders mode for playback, not any of the Library (tag based) modes. You need to actually tap on one of the tracks in a folder to start playing in that mode, otherwise only the 'view' changes to Folders rather than the actual playback order. You should set the sorting order for the folders to 'Path' (via the List Options menu), and for the tracks level choose to sort by either Filename or Track #. You may prefer to view the folders in Hierarchy mode (nested) or List (all shown one after the other) depending on how many folders and subfolders you have. Andre
  14. Do you mean build 557, as that was meant to address this issue. Andre
  15. It does, just export your playlist from WMP on your PC as an M3U file and copy that to your Android device. You obviously need to take into account the possible different directory structures - although Poweramp will try to make best guesses if possible, it does help if you make the folder nesting the same as on your PC. Andre
  16. My vote is still correct in that I don't use M4A files and so don't have a problem. However I can confirm that the problem does indeed exist with your files, it's not just your device which is causing it. Andre
  17. If you are playing music by Folder (rather than Library) then I assume each album is stored in its own folder yes? If so, Poweramp should play the contents of each album folder, and then move on to the next one (assuming Shuffle mode is off). If you want to force the albums to be played chronologically rather than alphabetically, add the year to the start of each album's folder name. Andre
  18. I get the same problem as you with the sample file you uploaded (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2020630/%23080 Group Therapy Radio with Above-Original.m4a). It will play OK from the start, but I cannot navigate within the track at all (fast-forward, rewind or resume playback later don't work). I can pause/unpause it, but that's it. The stock music player on my phone handles it OK. Max, could you have a look at this file see if anything can be done? Thanks. Andre
  19. No noticeable volume difference between the supplied music player and Poweramp on my Galaxy Note 3 (Stock ROM). Have you tried changing the replay gain values via Settings > Audio > Replay Gain? (I have that mode turned off in Poweramp) Andre
  20. I use an RSS feed downloader on my Synology home NAS, which fetches directly from the xml feed whenever a new show is released. I've set it to email me to tell me each time a new show is downloaded, and although I do have an automated sync program on the PC which can do all the copying for me, I usually find it simpler to just run ES File Explorer on the phone and copy'n'paste directly from the NAS via Wi-Fi - it takes a few seconds per show while I'm anywhere in the house, and is quicker than bothering with the PC. If I've got a lot to copy, I use AllwaySync on the PC which can be programed to sync pretty much any files/folders I want, anywhere on my network (I run Samba Filesharing on the phone, which makes my phone a networked drive on my home network, so it can always be accessed via Wi-Fi) Andre
  21. Also the best solution (reading and writing ratings back to the actual individual file tags) might get blocked by the appalling Google decision in KitKat to force making external SD Cards read-only (other than for very specific cases). IMHO, this sort of thing makes root even more essential for any serious Android user. The S5 is easily rootable, it's just the carrier-specific versions which are proving an issue. I would prefer to buy a SIM-free phone outright rather than give money to the likes of Verizon or AT&T in the states who are currently crippling their bootloaders. Andre
  22. Try removing the SD Card and see if Poweramp is then able to load and scan the local device files OK, to find out if it is the SD Card or some other file scanning issue that is happening. Andre
  23. Playlists (in M3U format) can be exported from a number of music players (e.g. Windows Media Player) and then imported into Poweramp. You can manipulate them yourself as simple text files containing a list of filenames, just make sure the path details are suitable for your phone's file system (Poweramp will try to match them up, but obviously it's better if they are right in the first place). Andre
  24. Poweramp Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders. Just select the folders you want and deselect any others. Andre
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