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  1. Assuming these are internal playlists, then only if you have backed them up (using Export) previously. Sorry, not what you want to hear I'm sure. Andre
  2. There's no easy answer to this own (apart from TheoKlink's app of course). If you use a file-based playlist then it is safe from being lost if you have a problem with the app, need to re-install ROM, etc. However that safety also means you can't edit the FILE copy from within Poweramp, the file-saved version stays the same. Internally created or edited playlists are more flexible in terms of editing, but you do run the risk of losing them if something goes wrong. Andre
  3. Just choose any folder/song in the 'Folders' view (instead of the Library view, using the options at the bottom of the list screen) and click on any song to play it. Andre
  4. That's not a function of Poweramp, but there are lots of external apps that can do it as long as your device is rooted. Andre
  5. Sorry, but I'm afraid that's all I know. The last News Blog Post on the subject from Max was three years ago, http://powerampapp.com/2012/09/3-years-of-poweramp/ Andre
  6. The last I heard from Max was a week ago that he's still super busy with Poweramp v3. He said he's finished the new audio engine and has connected some new visualizations (similar and compatible to winamp milkdrop2). The alpha release will be the new audio engine plus the visualizations. He didn't specify a timescale for that alpha release though, sorry. Andre
  7. Poweramp Settings > Look and Feel > Status Bar/Notification > Inverse Notification Colors Andre
  8. You need to have internet for it to validate the licence for the first time, which will happen within about 24 hours of installing. See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required for details. Andre
  9. You could install Poweramp on the car stereo and play directly from there. However you'd need to copy the files over to the local memory in the car for ease of use. If the car stereo has Wi-Fi, it is possible to set up your phone to act a bit like a NAS, and then use CIFS to make that directory appear in the car-stereo's folders list, but it'd involve a lot of tweaking and configuring (and probably rooting) and it'd be easier just to copy the files. Andre
  10. Yum yum, thank you! I useful folder and filename sorting all the time, I prefer to make my device work that way I want it to rather than they way other people want it to. Andre
  11. Not at present, no. I'd prefer a simple text list too, you get more useful info on the screen. Andre
  12. Yes, on a Lollipop device you should be able to override the Android block on accessing SD Cards from within the app. You may need to ensure that your SD Card has an actual label (name) assigned to it. I can't remember how to do this on the phone, but on a PC it's in the Properties page for that storage device. Try to delete a music file from within Poweramp, and it will initially say that the card is locked. Select the 'Grant Access' option and then choose the SD card area that you want to use. Once that's done, Poweramp should have write-access to that location for re-writing tags, deleting files, etc. Andre
  13. Play your music in Folders mode, and set the 'Repeat' mode on the main player screen (bottom left of the album art area) to "Advance List". Make sure your folder sort ordering mode is set to sort by folder names/paths, and songs to "by filename", to ensure things play in the right sequence though. Andre
  14. Sorry, are you saying that the music actually plays OK but you don't see any track info on your car's screen? If so, that's not uncommon and can be very device-specific. I thought you were saying the music did not play. Andre
  15. Is your device rooted? If so you can properly unlock the SD Card for full access by all apps rather than having to mess around with individual solutions (which sometimes don't seem to work on some ROMs/devices). Andre
  16. As long as your car stereo acts as a Bluetooth A2DP stereo device (not just a file sharing connection, or for mono phone calls) just pair it with your phone and start Poweramp and start the music playing, it should set to the currently paired audio device automatically. There are further settings in Poweramp Settings > Headset/Bluetooth which will help to send track info/etc to the Bluetooth device if it supports that. Andre
  17. What sort of output, Bluetooth, headset, speakers? I get that occasionally with Bluetooth when the screen is off (e.g. when driving in the car) Andre
  18. If you use Folders mode then any sorting and grouping is controlled purely by the path & folder name, and the filename. However if you use the Library modes such as Albums or Arists then you need to make sure the tags in your music files all match up correctly. Use a PC program such as TagScanner to see what's stored inside each file, and change them where needed. Andre
  19. Could you try emailing poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com describing the exact issue and timings (and repeating what you said regarding having read the FAQs and that none of the circumstance listed apply to you). Andre
  20. In case the control colours just don't show up on your system, have you tried Poweramp Settings > Look and Feel > Status Bar/Notification > Inverse Notification Colors ? Andre
  21. Have you reported the problem in the cyanogen forums, as whatever has happened seems to have affected multiple apps on your phone. Andre
  22. You just need to add one of the email accounts to the phone's accounts (no need to actually use that address other than in K9 though, you won't get emailed on the phone as far as I know, Poweramp just needs to validate that an account on the phone in the same one you registered under). Andre
  23. It's not hard to use Google Play, or an email address (which you had to use to register here anyway, so you do have one) but its your choice of course. Andre
  24. I've wanted a way to remove selected folders from the Shuffle system for years to avoid strange things popping up in shuffled playback (e.g. audiobooks, podcasts, plays, radio shows, long concerts, etc). I'd prefer to have a flag that can be manually set for any folder that should be ignored though, rather that just having one off-limits folder. Andre
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